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RFID Basics

What is RFID? What does it do? How does it work? If you are asking these questions you are at the right place. The articles in the RFID Basics section will provide general overview of the technology, discuss basic concepts and most important things about RFID and give you an appetite to learn more. Are you ready to start? Check back frequently for new topics!

RFID basics video

Examples of various HF Glo Inlays are part of RFID Basics.

How To

Once you are familiar with RFID basics, you should learn how to select the right technology for your system, including RFID tag, RFID reader, peripherals or software. This section will provide you will all the points that you have to consider during selection and provide tips and recommendation to make your job easier. Check back frequently for new topics!

Dig Deep

Are you interested in the technology background? Do you want to learn more about RF physics and how RFID “really works”? Then this section is for you! We will dig deep into the concepts of RF physics and review details of tag construction, RF propagation, tag encoding, inductive and radiative coupling and other concepts. Check back frequently for new topics!
RFID Basics - Example of HF Tag Chip and Antenna