RFID Field & Consignment Inventory

Optimize Your Field and Consignment Inventory Supply Chains

Inventory is not always stored within the four walls. In the case of healthcare, inventory items may be stored customer, distributor or supply chain partner locations. To better manage inventory, RFID tags are attached to inventory items. Audits and Cycle Counts are simplified as RFID provides the ability to count items in bulk, without line of site and reducing the time required to complete the effort.

How it works

RFID tags items

1. Tag Items

Inventory items are tagged with RFID tags to simplify management. A pre-printed, pre-encoded number may be used on the RFID tag or industry standards schemas such as the SGTIN can be leveraged. Additional information such as lot / batch or expiry dates may also be encoded onto the RFID tags.

Audits and cycle counts

2. Audits and Cycle Counts

Use RFID handhelds paired with devices such as smart phones, tablets or computers are used to conduct workflows such as inventory counts (audits and cycle counts), transfer and returns. 



Gain Valuable Insight – as data is collected, optimize key metrics such as minimum / maximum par levels. Understand utilization and turn rates in more efficient manners. Find out about variances(missing or extra items)  in an efficient manner.

Valuable Workflows

Cycle Counts / Audits

Use RFID to quickly, efficiently and accurately conduct cycle counts and audits. With RFID, bulk scan RFID tags to cutdown on manual counting efforts. Understand variances right away and take action.

Expiry / Recalled Inventory Management

At the time of scanning, flag inventory items that are expired or recalled by providing user alerts. Use the find item feature to pinpoint the items and pull from inventory as required.



Quickly conduct accurate counts


Increased visibility to operations


Improved inventory turn rates


Reduced variances in inventory


Optimized supply chain management for inventory items.

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Field Inventory

Take advantage of TagMatiks Field Inventory, the cloud, and mobility to optimize your field and consignment inventory management. Flexible workflows such as cycle counts and audits provide a simple, automated and efficient way to conduct inventory counts. RFID technology cuts down on manual efforts and TagMatiks Field Inventory provides unparallel intelligence on inventory par level, expired/ recalled goods management and more.