Asset Tracking in Manufacturing

Zero In On Your Assets using RFID

During the manufacturing process, various assets such as molds, tools and fixed machinery may be used. It’s critical to not only know where these assets are located but also have easy approach to maintain the assets. RFID is used to improve visibility to asset positioning and provide a medium to track preventive maintenance and repair.

How it works


1. Tag Items

RFID tags are attached to assets. For assets that have metal, special on metal RFID tags or labels can be applied. These on metal tags are designed to improve the performance when applied on metal. RFID tags also provide a unique identifier for each of these assets.


2. RFID Readers

Throughout the operational workflow for the assets, use RFID to automate the data collection. For example for tools that are used, use RFID to quickly check-in / checkout to users. Equally, use the functionality of RFID readers and handhelds to collect movement and presence of assets in key areas.


3. RFID Maintenance

When it comes time for maintenance or repair, use RFID tags to identify the asset. In some cases, data can be directly written on to the RFID tag. In others, the RFID tag can serve as a unique identifier for the asset so it can be quickly and accurately identified in a database.

Valuable Workflows

Check-in/ Checkout

Create a chain of custody for assets that are being used commonly such as tools or molds. Although this workflow can be done manually, RFID provides a way to automate the data collection and reduce manual efforts while increasing the accuracy.

Asset Utilization

As you collect data with RFID, capture which assets are actually being used and while ones are sitting idle. If you have many assets of the same type, improve scheduling so that you are have even wear and tear. In addition, make better purchase data with supportive historical usage data.



Create a chain of custody for assets


Improve visibility to asset location


Optimize the management of repairs and maintenance.

Unbeatable Solutions

Identify utilization of assets


Automate data collection with RFID

Case Study

Workflow Automation using RFID & Mobility technology with the TagMatiks platform
TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking

Use TagMatiks Asset Tracking to track and trace your assets in your manufacturing environment. With out of the box workflows for check-in, checkouts, transfers, inventory and asset maintenance and repair, quickly and accurately collect data with RFID. Use the extensive reports, analytics and dashboards to make better business decisions.