RFID Tags and labels attach to asset and inventory

Use RFID tags and labels to identify, manage and track your assets and inventory.

RFID Tags and Labels

What are RFID Tags?

RFID tags and labels are attached to assets and inventory items to provide operational visibility. They are “read” by RFID readers and antennas and have a unique identification to be able to associate that RFID tag to another item.

Benefits of Using RFID Tags vs Barcodes

RFID tags can be bulk read by RFID readers meaning that you can read many at a time as opposed to one by one. RFID tags also often do not require line of site which helps save time.

What RFID Tags Are Best?

The selection of an RFID tag truly depends on the application. To help with making this decision, check out the resources section below.

Things You Should Know About RFID Tags?

The environment you are using the RFID tag can impact the read distance. Certain materials like metal and liquids are especially prone to this behavior. However, there are specialty RFID tags for these materials such as On Metal RFID Tags for metal and Flag and Hang tags for liquid.