Field Assets

Improve Visibility To Your Field Assets and Inventory

Sometimes your assets may not be directly under your supervision. These may be assets that are loaned out customer or partners. Similarly, they may be customer owned but under your warranty and service contracts. In order to simplify the management and tracking of these assets, RFID technology can be utilized.

How it works

Asset Tracking and Management

1. Tag Items

Assets and inventory undergo a tagging process where RFID tags and labels are attached and assigned to the items. These RFID tags are serialized and uniquely identify the items. They can be ruggedized to meet the conditions that these items are exposed to as part of operations.

Asset Tracking and Management

2. RFID Reader

When technicians go to customer or partner sites, use RFID handhelds to scan what assets or inventory are on site. Depending on the business requirements, a follow-on process may be included for any missing or misplaced items.



Similarly, if items are returned back for warranty or repair, use RFID to identify the items and pull the associated information directly from the RFID tag

Valuable Workflows

Cycle Counts/ Audits

Quickly and accurately count what assets and inventory are currently at a specific location. RFID technology doesn’t require line of site so users don’t have to find where a tag is located saving time and effort. In addition, use quickly sort through matched, missing or misplaced items and take corrective action.

Digital Record

Use RFID technology to serve as means of digitalizing your asset information. As users interact with an asset, RFID handhelds and readers can be used to read information directly off an RFID tag or associated a unique asset identifier and do a quick look up in a secure database.



Quickly count assets and


Simplify the management of assets


Digitize the asset information

Unbeatable Solutions

Improve asset utilization


Understand inventory turn rates

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT) Lite

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite is a great way to start your journey for tracking and managing your field assets. Use the simple asset creation module to associate RFID tags and sensors to assets and use the out of the box workflows to improve asset tracking. Use the extensive reports to analyze data and when you’re ready, upgrade to the enterprise version of TagMatiks Asset Tracking and bolster your RFID experience.