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TagMatiks AT Lite is available as an easy download to install onto most iOS, Android and Windows devices. The application also includes an easy to use import module to import data into the system.


Once you’re ready to migrate to the full version of TagMatiks Asset Tracking, you can use a simple one click process to transition over. All your data, images and reports will be ready to use in the full, enterprise version.


Use RFID, Barcode or Keyboard entry to checkin or checkout assets. When checking out assets, specify an employee to checkout to, select a due date, if applicable, and annotate any notes regarding the checkout.


The solution includes various asset management features including: associating photographs to assets, defining locations (and sublocations down to any level) for an asset, as well as a transfer transaction to assist with tracking assets as they move from one location to another.


Use an RFID handheld to do a quick guided cycle count to able determine any variances. The system will reported back expected, matched, missing, and misplaced assets. Run a report after completing the inventory to further analyze the data.


The solution features numerous of the box reports including the ability the select filters and choose what columns are of interest. Then, select an export format of your choice and generate the report.


Designed to be used with TagMatiks pre-printed, pre-encoded tags to simplify the tagging process. Simply scan the barcode off the RFID tag to pair to the asset during the Create Asset process.


TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite software supports numerous languages including localization for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. New languages are added frequently.

TagMatiks AT Lite Pricing

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Key Features Free Bronze Silver Gold
Quantity of Assets Included 99 750 2000 5000
Inventory Counts & Transactions Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Custom Attribute Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Import / Export & Reports Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Backup & Restore Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Migration to Enterprise Version Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Start Free – Up to 99 AssetsStart Free – Up to 99 Assets One Time $499One Time $499 One Time $999One Time $999 One Time $1999One Time $1999

Downloading TagMatiks AT Lite

Google play for RFID
App store for RFID

TagMatiks AT Lite Multi-User (MU)

Need an RFID solution for multiple devices in a single
location? Consider  TagMatiks AT Lite Multi-User (MU)

When TagMatiks AT Lite MU?

  • Multi-Device Deployment Across a Single Location
  • Need for Self Hosted Solution
  • Designed for Easy to Deploy Applications
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Applications with TagMatiks AT Lite

Explore applications where TagMatiks AT Lite is being used for RFID asset tracking solutions.
TagMatiks Asset Tracking Software

What readers are supported with TagMatiks AT Lite?

Caen skID
Caen qID Mini
Caen qID mini
Caen Tile
Caen trID
Caen TrID
Chainway C72
Chainway C72
Chainway R6
Chainway R6-1-01
Extronics iRFID500
Newland MT90
Newland MT90
TSL 1128
TSL 1153
TSL 1166
TSL 2128
TSL 2128
TSL 2128L
TSL 2128L
TSL 2128P
TSL 2128P
Zebra RFD8500
Zebra RFD40 Standard / Premium / Premium Plus
Zebra MC3330xR
Zebra MC3330R
Zebra MC3390xR
ZT400R Series
ZT400R Series
Zebra ZD621R
ZT600R Series
ZT600R Series
ZQ500R / 600R Series
ZQ500R, 600R Series

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TagMatiks AT and TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT is an enterprise solution and include both a cloud based portal as well as mobility applications. It includes extensive analytics and reporting features. On the other hand, TagMatiks AT Lite is an all-in-one application designed to make it easy to start an RFID based asset tracking project.

How many readers can be used with TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT Lite can be used with a single RFID handheld or reader. If you require more than that, we recommend using TagMatiks AT Enterprise.

Can I use TagMatiks AT Lite without Internet?

Yes, after installation, most features in TagMatiks AT Lite can be used without internet or cellular connection. Some features such as creating a help ticket may require connection.

What is the maximum number of assets recommended for TagMatiks AT Lite before upgrading?

There is no application limits (you can purchase additional assets per your use case) but we recommend that after 5,000 you consider using TagMatiks AT Enterprise.

What is TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT Lite is a lightweight RFID-based Asset asset-tracking software designed to kickstart your asset-tracking initiative. It offers an easy-to-use solution for tracking assets using RFID technology, providing efficient data collection and management capabilities.

What platforms is TagMatiks AT Lite available on?

TagMatiks AT Lite is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, offering flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re using smartphones, tablets, or computers, you can easily install and set up TagMatiks AT Lite for your asset tracking needs.

How does TagMatiks AT Lite assist with asset tracking?

TagMatiks AT Lite allows users to connect to an RFID handheld reader, enabling seamless data collection and asset tracking. With the ability to scan RFID tags, users can quickly capture asset information, track asset movements, and maintain accurate inventory records.

What languages are supported in TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks AT Lite offers multilingual support, allowing users to interact with the software in their preferred language. Supported languages may include English, Spanish, French, German, and others, depending on the software version and configuration.

What is RFID Asset Tracking?

RFID Asset Tracking is a technology-enabled system that utilizes Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and readers to monitor and manage assets in real-time. RFID tags attached to assets emit radio signals that are captured by RFID readers, providing information about the asset’s location, status, and movement.

What are the benefits of RFID Asset Tracking?

RFID Asset Tracking offers several benefits, including improved asset visibility, enhanced inventory management, reduced loss or theft of assets, increased operational efficiency, and streamlined audit processes. By providing real-time data on asset location and status, RFID Asset Tracking helps organizations optimize asset utilization and reduce operational costs.

How does RFID Asset Tracking technology ensure accurate asset management and tracking?

RFID Asset Tracking technology utilizes RFID tags and readers to accurately track and manage assets in real-time. RFID tags attached to assets transmit unique identifiers, allowing RFID readers to capture data and provide visibility into asset location, status, and movement. This ensures accurate asset management and enables timely access to critical resources.

Is RFID Asset Tracking suitable for my business or industry?

RFID Asset Tracking is suitable for businesses and industries across various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, and more. Whether you need to track inventory in a warehouse, monitor equipment in a healthcare facility, or manage assets in a construction site, RFID Asset Tracking can provide valuable insights and improve operational efficiency.

What types of assets can be tracked using RFID Asset Tracking?

RFID Asset Tracking can be used to track a wide range of assets, including but not limited to equipment, inventory, vehicles, tools, medical devices, and IT assets. Virtually any physical item that can be equipped with an RFID tag can be tracked using RFID Asset Tracking technology.