Warehouse, Distribution & Logistics

Warehouse, Distribution, Logistics

RFID4U provides intelligent RFID solutions for warehouse, distribution and logistics to improve business workflow and provide streamlined visibility to operations.

Intelligent Applications with RFID

Dock Doors with RFID

Automate Your Business Operations at Your Dock Doors.

In warehouse and distribution center operations, dock doors are used to move product inside and out of the premises. With RFID, traditional manual business processes can be automated. Use RFID portals at your dock doors to read your RFID enabled inventory to optimize your supply chain.

RFID Kanban System

Cutdown on Manual Verification of Inventory Consumption.

Kanban inventory management is a great way to optimize your inventory tracking. Take it a step further by using RFID to automate the data collection of when your bins are empty. Simplify the ordering process and reduce manual steps.

Asset Management in the Warehouse

Pinpoint Your Warehouse Assets

Assets in warehouse are essential for day to day operations. For that reason, it’s important to know where they are and be able to maintain them for future use. Adopt RFID technology to improve the management and tracking of your warehouse asset.

Returnable Asset Tracking

Track and Trace Your Returnable Assets

Returnable assets are typically part of a closed loop supply chain. Being able to track where they are is essential to business operations. Choose RFID technology to establish chain of custody and streamline workflows

Inventory & Material Management

Establish Inventory Excellence

Keeping track of inventory doesn’t have to a manual endeavor. Take advantage of RFID technology to quickly and accurately identify inventory movement and conduct inventory counts. RFID allows you to bulk scan items and doesn’t always require line of site.

Cold Chain Goods Management

Bolster Your Supply Chain

Ensuring that temperature sensitive inventory is handled correctly is essential to any cold chain supply chain. Use RFID enabled temperature loggers and tags to automate data collection and ensure a safe and reliable product movement.

IT Asset Management

Improve Management of IT Assets with RFID

Every modern business takes advantage of IT Assets to support business operations. It’s essential to understand the location and utilization of these assets for operational success. RFID simplifies the management and tracking of IT Assets in the office, warehouse and data center environments.