Uniforms, Garments and Linens

Improve Your Inventory Operations using RFID

The management and tracking of uniforms, garments and linens can be tedious, especially as they items typically are cycled through quickly. Nevertheless, from an operations perspective, it’s essential to be able to high the right inventory on hand to exceed expectations. RFID is used to quickly count inventory and collect valuable insight as the inventory is goes through its lifecycle.

How it works

1. Tag Items

Uniforms, linens and garments are outfitted with RFID tags. Depending on the type of inventory, the attachment method of the RFID tag can be varied. Some options include heat seal, stitch or embedding the RFID tag. The idea is that the RFID will provide a unique identifier for the inventory.


2. RFID Reader

As the uniform, linen, or garment goes through its business operation, RFID handhelds or fixed readers capture the movement of the item. For example, RFID handhelds can be used to scan items in a room to take an inventory snapshot. Fixed readers can be used to scan bins of inventory as they are being send out and returning from laundry.


3. Data Collection

As you collect data, quickly understand the utilization of each item. When inventory is sent out, be able to recognize right away if items are not returned back. While doing inventory, see any variance such as matched, missing, extra or misplaced items.

Valuable Workflows

Check-in/ Checkout

Efficiently manage the check-in and checkout process and collect intelligent data quickly and accurately. Go beyond RFID and capture other sensory data such as GPS. Understand items that have not been returned. If checking out to users, pull reports on overdue items.

Cycle Counts

Cross verify that the items in storage match to what’s in the system using a simple yet powerful cycle count. Understand what items are missing or misplaced and take action right away. RFID makes it easy to count the items efficiently.



Serialize each item to maintain an accurate history


Create a chain of custody for assets


Improve visibility to asset location

Unbeatable Solutions

Optimize the management of repairs and maintenance.


Identify utilization of assets

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite is a perfect solution to start your RFID initiative for tracking uniforms, garments and linens. Use out of the box workflows such as check-in , checkout and transfer to improve visibility to on hand items. The inventory workflows makes it easy to cross reference what’s actually in a specific location. Use the reports and dashboard to quickly analyze data that’s important to you.