Hospitality & Entertainment

With service orientated operations, in hospitality and entertainment, knowledge is power when providing the best of services to customers. RFID provides the ability to present you with intelligent data so you can make better business decisions to support what’s important to you.

Intelligent Applications with RFID

Uniforms, Garments and Linens

Manage the Lifecycle of Your Inventory with RFID

Uniforms, garments and linens are used as part of day to day operations. It’s important ensure that these inventory items are fully accounted so that when they are needed, it’s available without question. RFID provides the ability to quickly collect the movement and trackability of the inventory

Rental Asset Tracking

Track and Trace Your Rental Asset with RFID

Many businesses today rely on rental assets to get the job done. From furniture rental to heavy machinery to audio/visual equipment, it’s important for companies that run rentals to make visibility to their assets and RFID provides just that.