Scrub and Linen Management

Upgrade the Lifecycle Management of Scrubs and Linen

In the healthcare, as part of the lifecycle of surgical scrubs and linen, they are used, cleaned and returned for further usage. Although the costs of these items isn’t typically a consideration when it comes to seeking improved management, the administration time and effort of managing the items is costly. RFID tags can be attached on to scrubs and line to improve traceability and optimize the management of the items.

How it works

1. Tag Attachment

RFID tags that are laundry safe (depending on the version, different wash cycle ratings are available) are attached to scrubs and linens. Options typically include being able to heat seal, stitch or embed the RFID tag. The RFID tag also provides a unique identifier to the item so from a traceability perspective, you have serialization.



As the items leave and enter a facility, RFID handhelds and read points can capture the movement or transfer of items. Inventory workflows can be done in storage areas to ensure that there are no variances. 


3. Aggregated Data

As data is aggregated, analyze reports on overdue or missing items. Trace the history for each and every scrub / linen and pull information on the item. Use advanced analytics to understand utilization and ensure even usage for all items.

Valuable Workflows

Check-in / Checkout

As products are checked out for cleaning and sterilization, capture the items quickly and accurately with RFID. Unlike barcode, no line of site is required and many items can be counted at a time. This makes it easy to see inventory movement. When items are checked back in, ensure that no items are missing right on the spot.

Inventory Counts

Even with optimized business processes, it’s important to always double check. Inventory counts with RFID make it easy to quickly count inventory whether it be in a stock room or on the back of a truck. See variances on the spot including matched, missing, misplaced or extra items.



Serialization of goods


Optimized Check-in / Checkout process


Increased visibility to business operations


Quickly identify variances

Clear Visibility

Efficient Inventory Counts

Case Study

Workflow Automation using RFID & Mobility technology with the TagMatiks platform

Kimbark Laundry

Kimbark Laundry automates check-in and checkout workflow procedures of healthcare scrubs to its customers.

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking

Use TagMatiks Asset Tracking to check-in and checkout scrubs and linen to laundry partners. The mobile applications make it easy to quickly scan using a paired RFID handheld and conduct key workflows. Transfer inventory on the spot and create traceability for each and every item. Take advantage of the advanced reporting and dashboard engine to visualize your data and make better business decisions.