Rental Asset Tracking

Your Asset Management and Tracking Simplified with RFID

Many businesses rely upon business models where assets are loaned or rented out for a period of time. Some examples include furniture for home staging or wedding, heavy machinery for construction projects and even portable restrooms for events and concerts. It’s important to be able to manage these assets as they are being moved to customer site and when they are being returned. Use RFID to efficiently capture the movement of assets.

How it works


1. Tag Items

RFID tags are attached to assets. Depending on the type of item, different form factors of RFID tags can be used. For example, if the asset is plastic or cardboard based, a standard RFID label can be used. However, if the item has metal, an on metal RFID tag is leveraged. If the item goes through rough conditions, the RFID tag can also be protected to match that.


2. RFID Reader

As assets are checked out to customer sites, use RFID handhelds to verify that everything made it onsite. When it’s time for them to be returned, do the same workflow. RFID makes it easy to count the assets and ensure that items are where they are supposed to be located.


3. Data Aggregation

As you continue to use RFID, aggregate the data to understand asset utilization and make better purchasing decisions.

Valuable Workflows

Inventory / Cycle Counts

When inventory are being unloaded or loaded back up, use RFID handhelds to quickly check to ensure that everything is where it is supposed to be location. Quickly spot any variances and do any corrective actions.

Check-in/ Checkout

Automate data collection when doing check-ins or checkouts. RFID allows for capturing many items at a time, reducing manual efforts and increasing visibility.



Use RFID to simplify data collection


Establish a chain of custody for assets


Pinpoint assets and their location


Automate the management of repairs and maintenance.

Unbeatable Solutions

Identify utilization of assets

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking

TagMatiks Asset Tracking and returnable assets go hand in hand. Use the extensive out of the box solution and workflow to simplify both the tracking and management of your assets. For example, the inventory feature can be used to cross verify assets and their locations. Use the extensive out of the box reports to bolster the extensive data you are collecting. The in-built analytics will help you make better business decisions.