RFID Printers Are Used to Print and Encode RFID labels/ Tags

RFID printers / encoders automate the printing process of RFID labels and tags. There are different models of RFID printers for different label types.

RFID Printers

What are RFID Printers?

RFID printers are used to automate the printing and encoding process of RFID labels and tags. Depending on the RFID printer model, it may offer the ability to print using thermal transfer, direct thermal or both. As the RFID printer prints the label, it also encodes onto the RFID chip.

RFID Printer Alternatives

In certain applications, it may be easier to use a pre-printed / pre-encoded RFID label rather than printing on site. View options here

Specialty RFID Printers

There are special RFID printer for certain media. For example, for on metal labels, there are RFID printer models that are handheld this thicker media. There are also RFID printers available for RFID cards.

What to Consider When Choosing an RFID Printers

When choosing an RFID printer, there are many factors to consider. The type of label to be printed may impact the selection. For example, certain printers can only print a label of a specific minimum or maximum width. In addition, the print resolution, which is often represented in dpi (dots per inch) may be another factor to evaluate. Lastly, the size of the printer may also help guide the selection.