RFID Readers, Handhelds and Sleds Read RFID Tags from Assets and Inventory

Use RFID readers, handhelds and sleds to read from RFID tags and labels and associate data from assets and inventory within RFID software.

RFID Readers

What are RFID Readers?

RFID readers are responsible for communicating with RFID tags. The purpose of this communication is to identify, classify and locate assets and inventory.

Fixed vs. Handheld Readers

RFID readers are available in various form factors including fixed readers and handhelds. Fixed RFID readers are permanently affixed to a specific area such as a doorway, table or dock door. In some cases, fixed readers may have in built antenna(s) and in other cases, they may use external antennas. Handheld RFID readers are moved around by an operating to define a read zone.

RFID Handheld Overview

RFID Handhelds are designed to be used by moving around the devices through a workflow and collecting data. RFID handhelds can have in built screens and keyboards or can be in a sled form factor where they pair via Bluetooth to another smart device like a phone or tablet.

What You Should Know Regarding Fixed Readers

Fixed RFID readers are often deployed in applications where data collection happens behind the scenes. An example of this may be an RFID portal on a dock door so as a pallet is being shipped, the pallet is marked accordingly in backend software. 

Fixed RFID readers usually include one or more antennas that can be in built or attached externally using an coaxial cable. Usually an RFID middleware assists with feeding data back to your business systems like an ERP or warehouse management system.