Returnable Asset Tracking

Pinpoint your Returnable Assets

Across numerous industries, many assets are returned in a closed loop supply chain. Some common examples of these include containers, bins, pallets and even kegs. As part of the life cycle of the asset, it is returned back from a point of use. Being able to understand the location the asset as well as where it is along the lifecycle is essential for businesses. RFID provides the ability to quickly account for asset locations as well as simplify business transactions associated to the management of the assets.

How it works


1. Tag Items

The returnable assets are tagged with an RFID tag or label. As returnable assets are usually maintained for an extended period of time and often times may be exposed to elements while traveling through supply chain, it is essential to keep this into consideration when selecting an RFID tag.

2. RFID Reader

At strategic points in the supply chain, use RFID handhelds or fixed read points to capture asset movement. Examples include an operator using an RFID handheld to scan returnable assets as they are loading up a trunk from a customer location. This would transfer the assets into the possession the user.


3. Aggregate Data

Aggregate data collected using RFID and other sensory technologies. Understand historical and current asset locations. Map out utilization to ensure that assets are being used equally – for example, the same container isn’t being used over and over again while a counterpart container is just sitting on the shelf.

Valuable Workflows

Chain of Custody

As returnable assets are traveling throughout your supply chain, document chain of custody with RFID technology. The unique

Automate Physical Inventory Count

Use RFID tagged assets along with RFID handhelds to quickly and accurately audit your assets. If y
ou desire, use a guided count to see what assets you are expecting, missing or matched. If assets are not where they are supposed to be, see exceptions for misplaced assets and take action!



Understand the location of your assets


Capture movement of assets throughout the supply chain


Improve asset utilization


Improve asset management to streamline business operations

Complete User Control

Determine variances quickly and rectify

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT)

TagMatiks Asset Tracking includes countless features to improve the tracking and management of returnable assets. For example, the Asset Trail feature outlines the historical movement and transactions for each unique asset. Use the mobile applications out in the supply chain to automate data collection in conjunction with RFID handhelds.