"RFID4U Training "

RFID4U Training

RFID4U offers a wide variety of RFID training courses. These courses are offered year round at RFID4U’s training facility in Concord, California and targeted conferences. If you are interested in getting RFID trained, be sure to check out our course offerings. We also have a wide variety of information available on our website under the Explore section.

RFID4U in Training

This is a boot camp series, which focuses on the technical, operational and functional aspects of Automated Information Technology (AIT). This series provides insights and capabilities of enabling technologies, which support Focused Logistics (FL), Total Asset Visibility (TAV), and Global Supply Chains Integration (GSCI).The training a five-day course. To create a dynamic learning environment, the course is a combination of lecture, hands-on lab exercises and site visits. The courses include understanding the capabilities, functional characteristics and deployment of the latest data collection technologies, including Barcode, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Mobile Devices. Database Management tools and technology are reviewed. Also included, are policies, procedures and best practices related to Data Collection, Validation, Security and Enterprise Integration as well as timely and accurate information capture of location, movement, status, and identity of units, personnel, equipment, materiel, and supplies. Challenges and lessons learned are a major focus of the discussions.


RFID4U has trained and certified 1,000’s of commercial and government technical personnel in all facets of RFID theory, applications and implementation via our instructor-led on-site, off-site, conference and eLearning programs. Our students continue to seek our experience and expertise long after the training is over.