RFID Kanban System

Automate Your Inventory Management with RFID Enabled Bins

Many businesses take advantage of a two or three bin Kanban system for streaming inventory management. Although this time tested process is valuable for improving inventory management, it still includes a manual step of cross verifying which bins are empty. By attaching an RFID tag onto bins and adopting a dedicated RFID Kanban cage or strategically placing RFID antennas on to a portion or area of the bins storage, that business workflow can be automated.

How it works

1. Tag Kanban Bin

RFID Tags are attached to your Kanban bins. A great choice is the TagMatiks PET Labels. These labels can be pre-printed and pre-encoded, providing further simplicity to your RFID solution.


2. RFID Reader

Take advantage of an RFID structure / enclosure or allocate a dedicated empty bin storage area. As bins are empty, users are instructed to place them into these smart areas. The RFID readers associated to these areas automatically collect which bins are empty.


3. Data Collection

Streamline Data Collection – as these empty bins are collected, automatically recognize re-ordering of inventory.

Valuable Workflows

Inventory Procurement

Use the intelligent data provides by RFID to quickly and accurately procure inventory as soon as it is consumed. As each bin is tagged with a unique RFID tag, associate that bin number to your inventory part numbers for simplified ordering.

Par Level Management

Understand which bins are being consumed in a timely fashion to streamline minimum and maximum quantities of inventory. For excess inventory, have solidified data to demonstrate turn rates and take appropriate business action.



Eliminate manual verification of empty bins


Automated procurement of inventory


Understand inventory consumption patterns for better business decisions


Increased accuracy of inventory on hand

Complete User Control

Reduce out of stock scenarios

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Core

Use TagMatiks Core to simplify the data collection of your RFID enabled bins. Manage each read point independently and easily configure your RFID hardware. As you collect data autonomously with RFID, integrate easily with your database or business system of choice. As most of our customers already have a purchasing or inventory management system in place, use TagMatiks Core to RFID enable your existing business process to provide automation and business intelligence.