RFID Healthcare

Healthcare RFID Solutions

RFID4U has a suite of solutions geared towards healthcare to automate traditionally manual processes. With use cases such as tracking loaner medical sets with surgical equipment or tracking field inventory sitting on hospital shelves, it’s important that medical professionals spend less time worrying about inventory and more time with patients. Explore further to learn more about RFID4U’s offering in this space.

Intelligent Applications with RFID

Tracking Surgical Sets with RFID

Automate Your Tracking Processes For Your Surgical Sets

Automate processes like receiving, auditing, replenishment and shipping for your loaner and consignment medical kits by leveraging RFID4U’s medical set tracking solution. The solution supports special RFID tags that can withstand autoclaves and sterilization cycles and simplify attach directly to your sets.

RFID Field & Consignment Inventory

Create Visibility to Your Field Inventory

Managing field and consignment is traditionally a difficult task. Improve accuracy of inventory counts by leveraging TagMatiks Field Inventory. The solution support quick and easy cycle counting of inventory and provides support for reconciliation and reporting for advanced data analytics.

Lab Equipment Tracking with RFID

Pinpoint Your Lab Equipment

Lab technicians need their equipment readily accessible. RFID provides the ability to provide understanding of where items are and quickly conduct inventory. Understand which equipment is being used and what is sitting idle.

RFID Asset Tracking in the Hospital

Distinguish Your Assets in the Hospital

Understanding the location and management of your assets in the hospital is essential. RFID provides the ability to better manage your assets in a quicker and more accurate manner.

Temperature Sensitive Material Management

Control Your Temperature Sensitive Material

Hospital supply chains often time include temperature sensitive material. It’s paramount that these materials are handled within the appropriate temperature ranges for patient safety. RFID provides the ability to track these materials and ensure visibility to any errors. 

Scrub and Linen Management

Keep Tabs on Scrubs and Linen with RFID

It’s important to handle soiled scrubs and linen properly and ensure that the right amount is at the right locations. RFID provides the ability to quickly and accurately check-in, checkout and inventory scrubs and linens with ease.