AIT Training

This is a boot camp series, which focuses on the technical, operational and functional aspects of Automated Information Technology (AIT). This series provides insights and capabilities of enabling technologies, which support Focused Logistics (FL), Total Asset Visibility (TAV), and Global Supply Chains Integration (GSCI).The training a five-day course.

Course code
5 Days
Delivery type
Classroom (Hands-on labs)
Course type
Public & On Site

To create a dynamic learning environment, the course is a combination of lecture, hands-on lab exercises and site visits. The courses include understanding the capabilities, functional characteristics and deployment of the latest data collection technologies, including Barcode, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Mobile Devices. Database Management tools and technology are reviewed. Also included, are policies, procedures and best practices related to Data Collection, Validation, Security and Enterprise Integration as well as timely and accurate information capture of location, movement, status, and identity of units, personnel, equipment, materiel, and supplies. Challenges and lessons learned are a major focus of the discussions.


  • Core fundamentals of data collection history, theory, concept, and common use cases

  • Apply principals of data collection in routine business processes

  • Understand and recognize forms of data collection media and devices commonly used in industry and the Department of Defense

  • Fundamental knowledge of MS Windows, MS SQL Server, and Oracle based data collection applications

  • Understand fundamentals of IT security

  • Understand hazards of electromagnetic radiation to people and intrinsic environments

  • Capable of connecting and disconnecting common use hardware such as handheld terminals, portable and desk top label printers, and peripheral cables

  • Basic level troubleshooting and resolving common hardware failures e.g. low battery, bad cable, incorrect or worn ribbon, incorrect or depleted label roll.



DAY 1 :

DAY 1 :

  • Introduction .

  • What are AIDC Technologies? Benefits, Value.

  • Biometrics  – AIDC Technologies – Voice Recognition, Eye Retina, Signature Recognition, Hand Geometry, Fingerprint Recognition, Storage & Access Structure.

  • RF AIDC Technologies – Value, Visidot Technologies, Zigbee, Rubee, SAW, Contact Memory Button

  • Networks & Security – Connectivity, LAN, Ethernet, Wireless, Satellite, GPS, GPRS, Routers, Switches, Physical Security, WEP, WPA, Security – Authentication, Password.

  • Barcodes – Printing, Standards & Verification, 1D Barcodes


DAY 2 :

DAY 2 :

  • Barcodes – 2D barcodes & matrix codes

  • RFID – Tags & Frequencies

  • RFID – Readers & Antenna.

  • Networking & Security – Networking – Connecting Peripherals, IP Addressing, NATs , Security – Firewalls, VPN, Ports, Bar Code Scanning & Data Collection


DAY 3 :

DAY 3 :

  • RFID – Protocols & Middleware

  • RFID – RFID Peripherals

  • Networks & Security – Networks – PDA, Bluetooth, Laptops, Ethernet Details, PGP, Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Physical Security Laptops, Drive, Data Center (FAN), Hackers.

  • RFID – RF in RFID , Role of Antenna


DAY 4 :

DAY 4 :

  • RFID – RFID Sensors & Related Technology

  • RFID – Ecosystems and Provider Roles

  • RFID – NFC Near Field Communication

  • RFID – Site Inspection & Preliminary Design

  • RFID – Detail Design

  • RFID –  Evaluate & Select

  • RFID – Deployment


DAY 5 :

DAY 5 :

  • RFID – Testing & Trouble Shooting

  • RFID  – Reader Optimization

  • RFID  – Regulations & Standards

  • Related Technologies – RTLS + Wireless, Satellite Communications, Department of Defense Unique ID (UID)

  • Wrap up


Cancellation Policy applies to On-Site and Public classes.


Any student who cannot attend a class for which a reservation has been made must notify us. If notice of cancellation is given 3 weeks or more prior to a class start date, you will receive a 100% refund and 50% refundable if 1 week prior to class start date. For cancellations less than 1 week prior to the start date, no refund can be issued. Rescheduling is also considered a cancellation.


For On-Site classes there is no penalty if a cancellation notice is received 30 days prior to the on-site training date. If a cancellation notice is received by us less than 30 days but more than 15 days prior to the training date, the cancellation charge is 50% of the training fee. If a cancellation notice is received by us less than 15 days prior to the training date, the cancellation charge is 100% of the training fee.


If a company or individual does not attend a class and does not give notice, the company or individual will be assessed a 100% “no show” fee.


Training Prices do not include travel, hotel accommodations, meals (other than stated), transportation, and other incidental charges. Prices are subject to change without notice. RFID4U reserves the right to accept or reject any customer application at RFID4U’s sole discretion.

Training Materials are provided on “AS IS” basis. In no event shall RFID4U’s maximum aggregate liability relating to the training course exceed the amount paid by the Customer. Full refund is issued in the event of cancellation of event.



Engineers, technicians, logistics personnel, users and managers who require applicable skills in AIT/AIDC system design, planning, implementation and usage. Anyone working in planning, design, implementation team and using AIT solution will benefit from this comprehensive coverage of AIT/AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Capture Technologies). Basic mathematical and computing skills are recommended for this course.


RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate
(Exam subject to availability by RFID Professional Institute, RFID4U is not affiliated to Institute)


Public Class & Onsite at your Location
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On-Site Training
RFID4U can conduct a full complement of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Boot Camp (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) on-site at your location. On-site training offers substantial cost and time saving through a more flexible scheduling approach.
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