IT Asset Management

Optimize your IT Asset Tracking

In today’s digital age, every enterprise has a wide variety of IT Assets used by their employees to improve their day to day productivity. Whether this be laptops, computers and tablets in an office or warehouse environment or servers and switches in a data center, it is essential to have accountability for each asset.

How it works


1. Tag Items

RFID tags and labels are attached to IT Assets. The TagMatiks On Metal RFID Labels are great for IT assets that have may have metal surfaces or hidden below the surface.


2. RFID Reader

Use a combination of RFID hardware to better manage IT Assets. For example, use RFID handhelds to inventory areas such as conference rooms, storage facilities, and office layouts. Place RFID fixed read points in strategic areas of faculties to collect movement of IT Assets. Examples include hallways where assets may commonly pass through or building main lobbies where assets shouldn’t be going out. In addition, other options can include stations to check-in/ checkout assets to users.


3. Data Collection

Collect data through workflows noted above and use to make better business decisions. Understand asset utilization for improving future purchasing and predict maintenance based on usage. In addition, provide visibility of asset location using RFID as a key data collection technology.

Valuable Workflows

Asset Allocation

Use RFID technology to quickly and efficiently allocate assets to employees, vendors and customers. As the technology provides the ability to scan multiple assets at a time, you can streamline traditionally manual workflows.

Physical Audits

Automate physical audits of IT assets. With RFID technology, bulk scan assets using RFID handhelds to quickly identify the presence of assets. As RFID technology doesn’t require line of site, avoid having to bend under desks and turnover assets to find identification barcodes. Simply scan from a distance and quickly identify variances. The use case can be applied to scheduled counts as well to ensure that assets are not misplaced.



Automate manual business workflows


Understand the location and movement of assets


Improve asset utilization


Determine variances quickly and rectify

Complete User Control

Enhance asset management to streamline business operations

Case Study

Workflow Automation using RFID & Mobility technology with the TagMatiks platform

South Plains College

South Plains College Uses RFID to simplify Tracking and Management of Assets Across Campus

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT)

Adopt TagMatiks Asset Tracking to improve the management of IT Assets for your organization. Use the built in workflows to quickly check-in, checkout and transfer assets. Use RFID to simplify physical audits and scheduled assets counts. Take advantage of extensive reporting and analytics to make better business decisions.