Yard Management

Enhance Your Yard Management with RFID

With a lot of moving pieces, yards are complex environments. Understanding where assets are located on the yard is essential from a time and cost savings perspective. RFID technology can be used to attached RFID tags to assets and leverage RFID readers to collect the movement of assets throughout a yard.

How it works

1. Tag Items

RFID tags are attached to key assets. If the assets have a composition of metal, specialized on metal RFID tags may be used to improve the readability of the assets. These RFID tags are serialized so you’ll be able to uniquely identify each asset.

2. RFID Reader

As assets move from throughout the yard, use RFID readers to collect information. These readers can be attached with associated antennas in strategic areas where a high volume of assets typically move through. Examples includes gates and staging areas.


3. Asset Movements

With the collection of asset movement, create a trial of asset movement to understand where assets currently are located. In addition, use zonal technology to split up your yard in to logical zones to capture and associated asset positioning.

Valuable Workflows

Asset Positioning

Use strategically placed RFID readers and antennas to collect the movement of the assets throughout a yard. Create logical mapping of where assets are located and cut down on efforts for searching for misplaced assets.

Throughput Analysis

With the association of RFID tags on assets, understand the throughput and velocity of assets and inventory throughout your yard. With a simplified method of data collection, understand where process gaps may be and take correction action right away.



Identify the flow of asset and item movement


Simplify the management of assets


Improve visibility to asset positioning


Rectify process gaps through intelligent data collection


Automate the collection of asset movement through RFID

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Core

Use TagMatiks Core to manage your RFID infrastructure on your yard. Configure device settings and ensure that devices are online when you need them. As you collect data, filter it and feed it directly into your yard management software using a wide variety of data integration points.