RFID Sensor Tags

What are RFID Sensor Tags?

RFID Sensor Tags are RFID tags with built in sensors for data collection including options for temperature, humidity, moisture, impact, tamper and more. The tags can be passive, semi-passive or active.

Why Use RFID Sensor Tags?

RFID Sensor Tags make it simplify the transfer for data collection from sensors by using RFID as a medium. RFID sensor tags can be associated with assets/ inventory and as they go through their lifecycle, RFID Sensor tags can be used to collect data while using RFID to transfer that data back to intelligent software.

What applications are RFID Sensor Tags Used In?

Use cases of RFID Sensors Tags include condition monitoring of high value or sensitive material. For example, certain medicine can't get too hot or too cold. An RFID temperature logger can be attached to the shipment. In strategic points of the supply chain, RFID readers and handhelds can be used to quickly check if the temperature barriers have been broken.