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About RFID4U

RFID4U designs, builds, deploys and manages leading business intelligence solutions using RFID, Barcode, GPS and NFC technologies from start to end. We provide a wide variety of solutions, consulting and training services to end-users and other RFID services companies in both the commercial and government sectors. Our clients use RFID4U technology for asset and supply chain management, personnel operations, anti-counterfeiting and other applications in diverse industries such as healthcare, oil & gas, retail, apparel, IT, automotive, wearables, agriculture and government operations. We also offer a whole range of training solutions for RFID, NFC and software development.

Our solutions

RFID Asset Tracking in a warehouse includes pallet and equipment tracking.

Asset Tracking

The RFID4U Asset Management System provides a complete asset lifecycle tracking and management. ROI is created by increased efficiency of asset usage, including its location, allocation and return.

RFID Solution for Event Management includes access control, automatic check-in, cashless payments and data gathering for marketing purposes.

Event Management

Automatic check-in, access control, cashless payment, targeted advertising, event analysis, those are just a few out of many possibilities when using RFID4U’s system for event management.

RFID Solution for Inventory Tracking provides real-time visibility, automated inventory counting, receiving, shipping and other benefits.

Inventory Tracking

RFID4U Warehouse Management & Inventory Control System performs full inventory management utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID, barcodes, sensors, Wi-Fi networks and the Internet.

RFID Solution in Manufacturing includes JIT delivery, WIP tracking, line automation, inventory and asset tracking.


Reduction of lead times and work in process (WIP) inventory, efficient Just in Time delivery (JIT), item level tracking, tracking defects and points of failure are examples of RFID4u solution benefits.

RFID Solution for Anti-counterfeiting allows for authentication and warranty service of high value items.


Take advantage of unique ID and memory on RFID tags for product manufacturing, authentication, lifecycle tracking and warranty management. Our system helps you do all that and more.

RFID Solution for Uniform Tracking provides automatic issuing and receiving, real-time visibility, stock counting and other benefits.

Uniform Tracking

The RFID4U Uniform Tracking system provides extensive capabilities for uniform inventory, receiving, tagging, tracking, issuing and assignment using RFID, barcode, and NFC technology.

RFID Solution for Emergency Management includes Access Control, Mustering and Personnel Location.

Emergency Management

Check in, check out, access control, personnel location, counting, alerts and notifications, the RFID4U solution provides full range of information for management and emergency responders.

RFID training is an essential part of an RFID solution and we provide several types, including Certification, AIT, NFC and Developer Training.


RFID4U provides a whole suite of trainings for RFID (including courses for the new RFID Professional Institute Certification), NFC and barcode technology, as well as software development.

Why choose us

  • We have extensive industry expertise and satisfied clients in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Our solutions are cost effective, as we use our knowledge and relationships to your advantage.
  • We provide customized solutions for your business, regardless how small or large.

Our Clients

Our clients come from many verticals including government, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, oil & gas and wearables.

Our Services

  • RFID, NFC, GPS, Barcode and Mobility System Design
  • Development and Implementation Site Surveys
  • Benchmarking Product and System Testing
  • RFID, NFC, Barcode Technology Training
  • RFID Application Developer Training
  • Software Development and Consulting

Training Solutions

Our Services

Software development

RFID4U developers deliver customized software solutions for various automatic identification technologies including RFID, NFC and Barcode to increase efficiency of your business operations.

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System Deployment

RFID4U’s team of field engineers performs enterprise-scale, global deployments of all RFID software and hardware required to meet our customers’ roll-out needs including planning and project management.

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As the use of RFID and auto ID technologies has become more common, the need for RFID professionals has increased. Our training courses will help you prepare for the challenges of implementation.

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We can provide technical guidance and services on consulting basis in virtually all application areas and industries. From problem analysis, site survey, system design and deployment to troubleshooting.

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