Temperature Sensitive Material Management

Minimize Risk by Using RFID to Manage Sensitive Material

In the healthcare supply chain, there are many items that may be temperature controlled. Items include blood, medication, and supplies. With complex supply chains, it’s essential that product gets the hospital safely. RFID technology can be used to ensure that product is transported safely and the temperature data collected in an automated and efficient manner.

How it works

1. Assign Temperature Logger

RFID temperature loggers are associated and attached to each shipment as part of the supply chain. Typically the these loggers are semi-passive RFID tags. The battery on the tag is used to log temperature on a defined interval.

2. Check Temperature

During various stages of a supply chain, the RFID temperature logger can be checked to ensure that temperature ranges were not compromised. Supplemental loggers can also be used for other sensory technologies. 


3. Sensor Data

The data on the sensors can be safely cleared and the tag can be re-used for further shipments.

Valuable Workflows

Temperature Monitoring

With the use of RFID technology, use the temperature loggers and supplementary RFID handhelds and fixed readers to capture historical and current temperature data. Take action on any discrepancies right away and ensure that product travels safely throughout a supply chain.

Integrated Supply Chain

Often times, numerous players may be involved in a supply chain to transport goods. To ensure integrity of data between parties, an RFID temperature logger can be used as a medium to act as a chain of custody. In addition to logging temperature, it can be used as a unique identifier for a shipment.



Protect your supply chain


Quickly identify any discrepancies


Increased visibility to product movement


Collect sensory data without complex infrastructure

Clear Visibility

Reuse loggers as needed

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite is designed to provide a quick and easy way to start your RFID based asset tracking initiative. With support for a wide variety of temperature logger, quickly associated sensors to your assets and start logging data. Pull reports on historical data. When the time is right, use the one click migrate option to upgrade the enterprise version of TagMatiks Asset Tracking.