Asset Tracking and Management

Propel Your Asset Tracking and Management

Every company has physical and fixed assets. These assets are essential to business operations. For Oil, Gas and Energy companies, the complete management of assets is an integral part of day to day activities. RFID technology can be used not only to improve visibility to where assets are located but also be used to improve the digital management of assets.

How it works


1. Tag Items

RFID tags are attached to assets. Depending on the type of asset and the conditions that it will be exposed to as part of its lifecycle, the RFID tag can be protected to meet those environmental and operating conditions. Typical RFID attachment methods can include heavy duty adhesives, rivets, bolts and bands/ ties.


2. RFID Reader

As assets are being used, key workflows such as inventory, check-in/ checkout, transfers can be done using RFID handhelds to quickly capture the movement of the asset.


3. RFID identify

The RFID tag can be used as a unique identified for the asset so that at the time of maintenance repair and service, users can scan the RFID tag to identify the asset and document the transaction.

Valuable Workflows

Digital Record

Use RFID technology to quickly and uniquely identify assets. Either storage key information directly on the RFID tag or reference back to a secure database to correlate asset information. RFID makes it easy to capture and collect this information.

Asset Counts

Automate the counting process to find out what assets are currently at a specific location. RFID cuts down on manual efforts and makes it easy to determine which assets are missing or misplaced and even call out assets that are due for repair or service.



Capture asset locations and positioning


Cutdown on manual counting efforts

Unbeatable Solutions

Digitize the management of assets


Simplify the tracking process


Improve asset utilization

Case Study

Workflow Automation using RFID & Mobility technology with the TagMatiks platform


Weir Oil & Gas uses RFID technology to tag fracking equipment and iron to simplify the management of assets including the servicing process.

TagMatiks RFID Software solution
TagMatiks RFID technology

TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT)

Adopt TagMatiks Asset Tracking to optimize the management and tracking of assets for your oil, gas or energy company. Use flexible yet powerful workflows such as inventory, check-in/checkout and transfer to capture the movement of the assets. Use the built in asset repair/ maintenance module to quickly and accurate log information. Utilize reports and creative dashboards to visualize your data.