TagMatiks Core Controller – Now Available on the Android Play Store!

The TagMatiks Core Controller is now available for download on the Android Play Store.

The application enables users to monitor their RFID devices, such as readers and printers, directly from a mobile interface. View deployment critical information like device statuses and heartbeats from the ease your mobile phone or tablet.

What’s TagMatiks Core?

TagMatiks Core is a cloud based RFID middleware application that provides the ability to quickly integrate RFID into your existing workflows. Providing not only device management but also data manipulation and integration, the module enables ease of deployments for RFID. The mobile application, Core Controller, supplements this integral solution.

The solution includes:

  1. Robust RFID Device Management from a single cloud interface.
  2. Read zone definition and mapping.
  3. Advanced level filtering and data aggregation.
  4. Simplified integration points like an ERP, WMS or other business applications.
  5. Automatic parsing of GS1 tag data standards.
  6. Support for most leading RFID readers.
  7. Architected for multi-location and multi-region deployments.
  8. Ability to act as a printing engine and management tool.

Learn more about the solution here.

What’s the bottom line?

With support for most leading RFID devices including Zebra, Impinj, ThingMagic, Alien, Caen and more, it’s important to be able to monitor the health of your devices. With easy access and control, be confident that your rollouts and implementations are functioning as expected!

What’s next?

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