Enabling your Dock Doors with RFID

Countless businesses use dock doors everyday in warehouses and distribution centers to receive and ship items, cases and pallets.

When conducting business processes like shipping, it’s essential that each transaction be accurate so the right shipment goes to the right location with the correct items inside that shipment.

That’s where RFID come in. By affixing RFID tags onto your items, cases and pallets, you have the ability to quickly and accurately verify each shipment as it is leaving your warehouse or distribution center.

This can also be extended to other operations like receiving, picking and packing.

RFID4U has an out of the box solution, TagMatiks Core, for feeding your backend systems like your Warehouse Management System (WMS) or your Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) with the captured data. The solution allows you to abstract away the RFID operations so you can simply focus on ensuring that what’s at the dock door matches with what’s supposed to be at the dock door. The system also supports providing operator feedback with lights, buzzers or horns based on custom business rules and is designed to support multi-location deployments.

The benefits are simple:

  1. Ensure that the right products are going to the right place.
  2. Cut down on time spend doing shipment verification.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction.
  4. Reduced operational costs.