Validating RFID tags for RFID Retail Mandates using TagMatiks Wedge

Validating RFID tags using TagMatiks Wedge cuts several steps into a simple workflow. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

• Scan UPC Barcode to Validate the particular product:

Begin by scanning the UPC barcode of the product you want to validate. This step ensures that you are working with the correct product.

• Verify GS1 information:

Once the UPC barcode is scanned, verify the GS1 information associated with the product. This step confirms the authenticity and accuracy of the product’s identification.

• Verify Tag Lock Status:

Check the lock status of the RFID tag to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with or altered. This step helps maintain data integrity and security.

• Easy Way to View Invalid Tags:

Identify and view any RFID tags that are deemed invalid or not properly encoded. This step allows you to quickly identify tags that need attention or

• Start UPC Scanning:

Begin scanning the UPC barcodes of the products whose RFID tags you want to validate. This step initiates the validation process for each tagged item.

• Validating Tags:

As you scan the UPC barcodes, the RFID tags associated with each product are automatically validated. Ensure that the RFID tag data matches the product information and meets the required standards.

• Export the Data

Select the Export File Type: After validating the RFID tags, you can export the data for further analysis or record-keeping. Select the desired file type for export, such as CSV or Excel, to suit your needs.

By following these steps, you can efficiently validate RFID tags using TagMatiks Wedge and ensure the accuracy and integrity of your product data.

Watch the following video to learn more about the process

TagMatiks Wedge is great for customers that are suppliers to retail mandates (Walmart, Nordstorm, Macy’s) for shipment verification and RFID encoding quality assurance.Customers can download at no cost and use for free up to 500 scans. Download the iOS or Android versions directly from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store by searching TagMatiks Wedge or clicking on the direct links. Get 24 x 7 Help from our success center including live chat and ticket based support in selected hours.