RFID4U Releases TagMatiks Kickstart Bundle to Catalyze RFID Deployments

RFID4U introduces innovative RFID kickstart bundle to catalyze deployments. The package has both hardware and software components for ease of use & simplicity.

CONCORD, CA, USA, March 19, 2019 — RFID4U, a global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions provider, today announced that it has released a new kickstart bundle enabling businesses to quickly get their RFID initiative off the ground. The bundle, called the TagMatiks Kickstart Bundle, is available on RFID4U’s online store, RFID4UStore.com. TagMatiks is RFID4U’s enterprise RFID platform.

As a base package, the TagMatiks Kickstart Bundle includes an RFID Handheld, pre-printed, pre-encoded RFID labels as well as a 30-day trial of a TagMatiks business application of the customer’s choice. Applications options for the 30-day trial include:

  • TagMatiks Asset Tracking (AT) – An enterprise cloud, RFID driven, asset tracking and management software. The solution includes the ability to use both fixed and handheld RFID readers for data collection, provides asset check-in/checkout modules as well as advanced analytics & reporting features.
  • TagMatiks Field Inventory (FI) – Management of field and consignment inventory using RFID. The solution includes modules for cycle counts & audits, ability to connect to smart RFID enclosures as well as features for expiry, transfer and return management.

According to Archit Dua, Director, Strategic Development at RFID4U, “Starting off an RFID project can be a confusing journey…there’s a need for hardware components including RFID Tags & Readers as well as software to piece together the processes. To make it as easy as possible for companies to get their RFID projects rolling, we have designed the TagMatiks Kickstart Bundle to include the essential components at an attractive cost. As the business case solidifies and benefits are proven out, users can add additional hardware and subscribe to enterprise grade RFID software.”

Additional use case specific RFID tags can also be added to the TagMatiks Kickstart Bundle. These include RFID labels in various sizes, RFID tags designed to be attached to metal assets and specialty tags including those that can be attached to garments and go through laundry cycles.

Archit added “The RFID tags offered with the TagMatiks Kickstart bundle are really efficient when you’re starting off a project as they are pre-printed and pre-encoded with a unique serial number. As you’re building out your use case, you can focus on benefits that RFID brings to the table and then drill down on the exact business needs as your confidence and understanding of the technology increases.”

About RFID4U

RFID4U is a global provider of RFID, AIDC and mobility solutions. As part of the company’s offerings, it provides customers solutions leveraging its RFID platform, TagMatiks across verticals including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, as well as Supply Chain and Logistics. Established in 1999, RFID4U is the world’s most prominent RFID training firm and also provides RFID solutions through its eCommerce front, RFID4UStore.com.

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