How to Pick Right RFID Tags for Uniform and Laundry Tracking (2/4)

As we mentioned earlier RFID has been used for laundry tracking for a long time. Main challenges were:

  1. Attachment of tags
  2. Durability of tags
  3. Read range
  4. Memory

All these aspects have massively improved from the first time RFID tags were used for laundry years ago. There are several good options when looking for an RFID tag to track your uniforms or laundry. Interestingly RFID tags for uniform and laundry tracking also come in various frequencies. What used to be a domain of low or high frequency is increasingly being supplemented by UHF, which allows for longer read ranges, reading more tags at the same time and expanded user memory.

The tags also differ by way of attachment. They can be sewn in (usually disc/button form factor or rectangular shape inserted into a seam), adhered (using industrial-strength adhesive) or as a hangtag.

In the next post we will explore RFID readers for uniform and laundry tracking.

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