Case Study

South Plains College

South Plains College Uses RFID to simplify Tracking and Management of Assets Across Campus

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Success Story

“Use of RFID to track assets across
college campus”


Keeping track of assets across a college campus is difficult, especially with assets being located in hundreds of rooms. These assets may need to move around from time to time, but it’s essential to have accountability. It’s also extremely important to have an easy way to find where assets are and to be able to inventory assets. As the assets range from musical instruments to IT equipment, it takes time to inventory. An RFID tag that can be applied to many different surfaces is also important from an ease of use perspective.


RFID tags are attached to assets. The TagMatiks Pre-Printed, Pre-Encoded On Metal RFID label was chosen as it can perform on both metal and off metal for a variety of assets. Then, using an RFID handheld, users can go into a room and quickly scan assets. Since the RFID tags can be read from a distance, users don’t have to find where the asset tag is located on the asset; which further reduces auditing time.

TagMatiks AT, the software solution being used, can easily show users where assets were last located in a variety of out of the box reports. The solution also includes the ability for users to search for assets using an RFID handheld and provides a simple way to do a traditional asset inventory.


With RFID handhelds and the RFID system, TagMatiks AT,, the traditionally manual processes for managing the assets are automated. As RFID technology can capture many items in a single scan, the amount of time to collect and produce data is greatly reduced. Using the RFID system, the college has found that the amount of time required to manage assets has significantly reduced. With RFID, the count is captured digitally, which eliminates keying and human errors related as well.

This solution provides a simple yet powerful approach to automate data collection using sensory technologies like RFID and digitize key workflows. Leveraging cutting edge technologies like RFID and adopting mobility solutions has helped South Plains College and its employees reduce costs, improve operational visibility and simplify management of assets.