Delta Airlines uses TagMatiks Asset Tracking Enterprise to track assets using RFID technology.


As with any business, Delta Airlines always looks for continuous improvement when it comes to its organization. In an effort to upgrade its airline fleet’s Wi-Fi systems, Delta needed an efficient solution to keep track of assets used during this maintenance process. The time available to install upgrades is always limited and having the right assets, in the right location is paramount.


Delta Airlines adopted RFID4U’s TagMatiks Asset Tracking Enterprise software along with RFID technology to optimize their processes. RFID labels are attached to assets and information regarding that asset such as the are associated with in TagMatiks. As assets are deployed to aircrafts, their locations are updated within TagMatiks to have an accurate transactional record of the movement.

Using the TagMatiks AT Enterprise mobile application, Delta is also able to use accompanying RFID handhelds to conduct ad-hoc inventory counts to verify items stored in specific locations. The RFID handhelds can also be used to find a specific asset by using the “Find” feature.



With RFID and the TagMatiks, the traditionally manual processes for asset management are automated. As RFID technology can capture many items in a single scan, the amount of time to collect data for a storage location is drastically reduced. For example, with barcode technology, the time to count a location may take hours but with RFID, the time is cut down to minutes provide a drastic savings. During these workflows, users don’t also have to find the barcode on the asset as RFID technology can work without “line of sight.”

In addition, there are also other operational benefits such as knowing high a very high degree of confidence where assets are in the case that maintenance or upgrade needs to be scheduled a short window of time.

The solution provides a simple yet powerful approach to automate data collection using sensory technologies like RFID and digitize key workflows. Reports can be quickly generated to help make better business decisions. Leveraging cutting edge technologies like RFID and adopting solutions like the TagMatiks platform helps differentiate Delta Airlines and allows them better to serve their customer base.

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