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RFID Inventory Management in the Warehouse

RFID4U Warehouse Management & Inventory Control System performs full inventory management utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID tags, RFID readers, barcodes, sensors, Wi-Fi networks and the Internet. Additionally, the system software provides the capability to categorize each inventory item, which is easily and quickly set up to meet the individual company requirements.

Mr. Dua and his team provided a detailed proposal, determined what antennas and readers were needed to tag and track incoming and outgoing inventory, installed the equipment, and developed and installed custom software for inventory tracking, which is integrated with our existing CRM business software…Mr. Dua is an expert in his field and works tirelessly to satisfy his clients. I would happily choose to work with him and RFID4U on future RFID projects.Courtney Ward, Quality Scales Unlimited


RFID4U Warehouse Management & Inventory Control software provides complete inventory tracking and control from receipt at the warehouse to customer receipt. This includes:

  • Receiving and receiving Inspection
  • In-Transit and Location to Location
  • Put away (Multiple warehouses, Multiple locations, Row/Bin/Isle)
  • Pick (Prioritized Pick Lists, Order fulfillment, Item Location)
  • Shipment Staging and Truck Loading
  • Shipment Tracking and Carrier Tracking
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Multiple Dashboards and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Order Management (Order Processing, Order Balancing, Shipment Review & Authorization)
Employee performing RFID Inventory Management using a handheld.
Benefits of RFID Inventory Management is automated counting and inventory updates and real time visibility.

RFID4U Warehouse Management & Inventory Control software provides the capability to:

  • Use RFID, barcode and NFC to collect and transfer data between the inventory items and the system.
  • Identify and locate items faster, more accurately and at reduced overall cost.
  • Significantly reduce manual effort and corresponding errors at all stages of inventory tracking.
  • Scan multiple inventory items, concurrently, without having to physically separate or segregate them.
  • Provide timely and accurate information to support management decisions.
  • Provide added security by recording inventory movement and creating full audit trail log.
Screen of the RFID4U's RFID Inventory Management System.


Our Warehouse management & Inventory Control solution is based on TAGMATIKS, our cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions, for enterprise asset management, inventory control, warehouse management, access control, apparel tracking, work-in-process tracking, re-usable assets tracking, campus tracking, construction management, security, anti-counterfeiting and other applications. The system provides real time visibility tools, analytics and dashboards, that are available for smartphones and tablets for making time-critical decisions on the road. We support all Android, iOS and WM mobile devices.

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RFID tags in form of labels, hang tags or encapsulated are attached to inventory items or their containers and being read by fixed or mobile readers. Fixed readers in a portal configuration are placed at dock doors, exits, section borders or at the conveyors. Handheld readers are used for picking, verification, item/container/order association and other take where the precision and individual identification is necessary.

Smart Labels are often used for the RFID Inventory Management.