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RFID4U uses RAIN RFID technology, machine learning and analytics to offer an industry leading platform, TagMatiks. Our customers leverage TagMatiks for use cases like Asset Tracking, Field Inventory, Uniform Tracking, Work in Progress, Medical Set Tracking and more. As a trusted leader in the market, we have been offering RFID solutions for more than two decades.

Asset Tracking

The management and tracking of assets is an essential component of every business. Whether you are tracking IT assets, furniture, returnable assets (AV cables, totes, containers) or even assets inside labs or hospitals, visibility is key. TagMatiks, with the support of RFID technology, provides automation in asset management and increases accuracy, utilization and maintainability of your assets.

We offer various choices to start your RFID driven Asset Tracking initiative:

TagMatiks AT Lite

TagMatiks AT Lite is a low cost yet versatile solution for jump starting your RFID asset tracking initiative. The solution is best suited for when you have a few hundred to a couple thousand assets at a single site with a single reader or when you are doing a proof of concept. The solution is free up to 99 assets and add more assets as you go for a simple per asset cost. If you would like to upgrade to the enterprise version of TagMatiks AT, there is a simple one click migration. The solution works well with ready to deploy, pre-printed and pre-encoded RFID tags. You can start your RFID asset tracking initiatives in just a few minutes. Learn More

TagMatiks AT

TagMatiks AT offers global asset tracking capabilities across multi-sites with RFID and other sensory technologies. The solution is extremely configurable with custom fields, user roles and single sign-on. Leverage more than a hundred out of the box reports or design your own. Use custom dashboards to track key metrics and leverage the robust APIs for simple integration with systems like SAP, Service Now, SalesForce, Oracle Apps, Infor and many more. The solution supports most industry leading RFID devices and is designed to be the solution of choice for RFID asset tracking applications. Learn More

TagMatiks Wedge

Looking to just read RFID tags with your iOS or Android paired RFID handhelds or sled? TagMatiks Wedge is a low cost yet flexible solution to quickly collect data and export to your backend systems. Learn More

Field Inventory

Managing inventory outside the four walls may seem like daunting task. However, with RFID, increase the visibility of your inventory and operations while cutting down on manual processes. Automate workflows such as cycle counting and reconciliation. With this newly captured data and automated workflows, businesses can better control their expiry management, write-offs, and stock and par levels, as well have more concrete visibility into their supply chain and assets.

TagMatiks FI

TagMatiks FI is your solution of choice for managing field and consignment. Designed to optimize traditionally manual workflows, TagMatiks FI leverages sensory technologies like RFID to provide automation and unparalleled data collection. Use TagMatiks FI for audits, cycle counts, reconciliation and more. The cloud based solution includes mobility applications and is designed for use with your backend systems like SAP, SalesForce and JD Edwards.  Learn More


Providing Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

TagMatiks is a next generation RFID software platform for data collection. At the heart of the platform is TagMatiks Core, a middleware software component that includes extensive reader management and enterprise grade integration capabilities. In conjunction, there is a business suite of software applications to solve everyday business needs with vertical based workflows, reporting, analytical and dashboard capabilities.

RFID Healthcare
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