TagMatiks Wedge RFID Software for RFID Tags

Use RFID handhelds and sleds with TagMatiks Wedge RFID software to read RFID tags and labels. Get started today and explore the help resources available.

Getting Started with TagMatiks Wedge

TagMatiks Wedge is a simple to use RFID software application for mobile devices. TagMatiks Wedge is designed to collect RFID data using an RFID handheld or sled and then feed that data directly to business systems and applications using a wide variety of formats and options. The solution supports both all in one RFID handhelds as well as iOS and Android devices in conjunction with an RFID sled.

Downloading TagMatiks Wedge

Start for free and use up to 500 RFID scans.

TagMatiks Wedge is available for download from the iOS & Android App Stores

Google play for RFID
App store for RFID

Purchase a license directly within the application

Using TagMatiks Wedge

Use the TagMatiks Wedge Help Center to access quick start guides, detailed knowledge articles and videos on the solution.