Doing Inventory with RFID in TagMatiks AT Lite


This Article explains how to do RFID & Barcode based inventory in TagMatiks AT Lite.

Step 1

Menu: Transaction → Inventory

Click the Inventory option, the user can scan an asset then it will be listed out.

Figure 01: Inventory Screen
  • Inventory screen shows totals assets in all locations and we can take inventory based on a desired location with option ‘Select Location’.
  • Open the inventory page, the available asset count information will list out in the “For all location” (Expected, Matched, Missing, Misplaced) by default.
  • Location Details: To see the assets counts for a specific location , click Location Details.
  • After the selection of location, start scanning via RFID, Barcode or Manual Entry.
  • The Excepted, Matched, Missing, Misplaced tabs and counts will update accordingly.
  • To complete the count, press Complete. A receipt may also be optionally downloaded.
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