What Sets RFID4U’s TagMatiks RFID Software Apart

Any RFID solution, specifically a RAIN or UHF RFID project typically puts focus on many hardware components including RFID readers/ handhelds, labels/ tags, printers and antennas and other accessories.

It’s extremely important to choose the right hardware and RFID tags; however, often the role of RFID software is overlooked. Our RFID software platform, TagMatiks makes it easy to adopt RFID. The software is scalable and future proofs your RFID program.

Low Cost RFID Software Applications  

With decades of experience designing and deploying RFID solutions, within TagMatiks, we have different business applications for ease of deployment of the technology. These applications include a series of low-cost software options including:

  • TagMatiks Wedge: a low-cost RFID software application that uses RFID handhelds to conduct inventories and simplifies data integration to back-end systems. Download and use for free up to 500 scans.
  • TagMatiks AT Lite: a simplified version of our enterprise asset tracking solution. Tag your assets and manage with ease. Download and use for free up to 99 assets.

Enterprise Solutions

As part of the portfolio of TagMatiks solutions, we have a suite of enterprise solutions that include robust features:

  • Manage your RFID infrastructure – connect RFID readers, handhelds and printers and have options to modify settings, monitor device health and ensure connectivity.
  • Provide business related workflows – use RFID technology to collect data during a business process such as check in / checkouts, audits, inventories, reconciliations and more.
  • Integrate RFID data back to your business systems – As you collect data using an automated technology such as RFID, take that data back to your existing business systems as such an ERP, WMS, MES or POS system.

Robust Devices and Portfolio of Support

Our solutions are compatible with many market leading RFID devices. In addition, we offer various levels of support to ensure that your project is a success.

Award Winning RFID Software

Numerous deployments with TagMatiks solutions have won awards in categories including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Supply Chain.

Certifications and Patented

Our development facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified demonstrating process orientated approach. Workflows and processes under the TagMatiks platform are also patented.