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Lightweight, RFID Asset Tracking To Jumpstart Your RFID Initiative.

TagMatiks AT Lite provides asset tracking capabilities with RFID.


TagMatiks AT Lite is a lightweight RFID Based Asset Tracking Software designed to jump start your asset tracking initiative. The solution is available as a standalone Windows desktop application for easy installation & setup. The asset tracking software provides the ability to connect to a RFID handheld scanner to assist with data collection.

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Key Features

Easy Installation & Setup

TagMatiks AT Lite application is available as an easy download to install onto most Windows computers, laptops, or tablet. The application also includes an easy to use import module to import data into the system.

Simple Migration to AT Enterprise

Once you’re ready to migrate to the full version of TagMatiks Asset Tracking, you can use a simple one click process to transition over. All your data, images and reports will be ready to use in the full, enterprise version.

Quick Checkin & Checkout

Use RFID, Barcode or Keyboard entry to checkin or checkout assets. When checking out assets, specify an employee to checkout to, select a due date, if applicable, and annotate any notes regarding the checkout.

Asset Management

The solution includes various asset management features including: associating photographs to assets, defining locations (and sublocations down to any level) for an asset, as well as a transfer transaction to assist with tracking assets as they move from one location to another.

Guided Cycle Counts

Use an RFID handheld to do a quick guided cycle count to able determine any variances. The system will reported back expected, matched, missing, and misplaced assets. Run a report after completing the inventory to further analyze the data.

Reporting & Data

The solution features numerous of the box reports including the ability the select filters and choose what columns are of interest. Then, select an export format of your choice and generate the report.

Streamlined RFID Tagging

Designed to be used with TagMatiks pre-printed, pre-encoded tags to simplify the tagging process. Simply scan the barcode off the RFID tag to pair to the asset during the Create Asset process.

Pre-printed, pre-encoded RFID Tag


TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite software supports numerous languages including localization for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. New languages are added frequently.

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The Business Value of TagMatiks AT Lite

TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite provides the ability to do simple yet powerful asset tracking

Simple yet powerful

Leverage the carefully selected asset tracking features to push your RFID Asset Tracking initiative off the ground.

TagMatiks Asset Tracking provides flexibility when it comes to asset tracking with RFID


Have the ability to transition into the Enterprise version of TagMatiks Asset Tracking as you start to build out your business use case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caen qID Mini

Caen qID mini RFID handheld reader

Caen qID

Caen qID RFID Handheld

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CSL CS108 RFID Handheld Sled

Datalogic DLR-DK001

Datalogic DLR-BT001

Datalogic DLR-BT001 RFID Pocket Reader

Extronics iRFID500

Extronics iRFID500 ATEX RFID Handheld Reader

TSL 1128

TSL 1128 RFID Handheld Reader Sled

TSL 1153

TSL 1153 RFID Handheld Portable Reader

TSL 1166

TSL 1166 RFID Handheld Reader Sled

Zebra RFD8500

Zebra RFD8500 RFID Handhel Sled

TagMatiks AT Lite is a lightweight, standalone version of TagMatiks AT. TagMatiks AT is a cloud based, enterprise RFID Asset Tracking software that includes extensive analytics, reporting and dashboard capabilities. TagMatiks AT Lite has a subset of the features included in TagMatiks AT.

The following are the suggested system requirements for running TagMatiks AT Lite.

  • Operating System: Windows 8 and Above
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Bluetooth Support

TagMatiks AT Lite includes an import module that allows for users to import data using files such as .csv or .xlsx formats. The import feature allows you to map your existing fields to expected system fields to bring system to life.

Yes, pre-printed barcode labels can be used in conjunction with RFID to track lower value assets. The solution also does support scanning via barcode for the supported RFID handhelds/sled as long as the selected model includes a barcode imager.