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Cradle to Grave Visibility, from Inception to Consumption.

TagMatiks AT is a business application suite for asset tracking and management.


TagMatiks AT is a cloud-based asset tracking platform that leverages various AIDC technologies for data collection and analysis. The technologies include RFID, Barcodes and more. TagMatiks AT improves the asset tracking process and eliminates the manual entry errors using RFID or Barcode technologies. It keeps track of full life cycle (Receiving to Consumed / Disposed) of your assets including scheduled maintenance or repair.

This platform also enables users to gain complete control over your organization’s assets by knowing the exact asset location, asset custodian, track asset movement and notifications for reorder quantity and expiry.

RFID Asset Tracking and Management
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Features & Benefits

Highly Configurable

TagMatiks AT can easily configurable for number of industries like warehouses, manufacturing, education.  User can define the asset type, category and properties of the asset like has serial number, can expire or consumable or not. Multiple site assets can be managed in single place. Admin can configure the site access permissions for each user. Also, admin can define the locations up to row / bin / aisle.

Asset Management with RFID
RFID in Warehouse

Asset Tracking - Anywhere, Anytime

TagMatiks AT is a cloud based asset tracking system. It can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Mobile Apps allow you to keep track of asset with just few clicks.

Easy RFID Integration

RFID devices / printers can easily integrate with TagMatiks AT with TagMatiks Core (Middleware). TagMatiks Core is the heart of TagMatiks Business Suite of Applications. It is a cloud based RFID middleware application that collects and provides the RFID tag data to TagMatiks AT and other enterprise applications.

rfid platform
rfid tags used for tracking

Tagging Options

TagMatiks AT provides different options to tag assets like assign preprinted tags, print tags using Barcode / RFID printers or encode RFID tags using fixed reader.  Printing templates can be easily created / modified in TagMatiks Core. No need to buy any external printing applications. Our engineers will help you to define your print templates. Also, AT supports different EPC Tag Data Standards like SGTIN, GRAI, GIAI etc.,


TagMatiks AT supports different transactions like Issue, Return, Transfer, Mark as Consume, Dispose and Recover. All these transactions can be done manually or using barcodes or using RFID on demand inventory. TagMatiks AT provides option to generate receipts for each transaction. With TagMatiks Core process, automated different transactions like Issue, Return and Transfer. Always it runs in the background and updates the appropriate asset status.

Asset Management with RFID
Asset Management with RFID

Manage Assets

With TagMatiks AT, you can easily manage your assets. It maintains each asset serial number, warranty period, expiry date etc., User can schedule a maintenance for any asset in advance. Also, it allows user to manage related files in single place.

Automate Notifications

With TagMatiks AT, you can automate the notifications like reorder quantity, warranty period, expiry dates and much more.

Automate Physical Inventory and Reconciliation

With TagMatiks AT, you can automate the physical inventory of assets and reconciliation. Based on the business needs, physical inventory can be scheduled for every 6 months or 1 year. Inventory can be taken from mobile apps using barcode / RFID technologies. AT keeps the essential data for reconciliation like assets current location, working condition of the asset, serial number, tag number. It makes the reconciliation process as simple and clean.

Customizable Reports

Exclusive report design engine provides option to customize the reports based on the business requirements.

Report Scheduling

Managing several critical reports can be a time consuming and needs user interventions. With scheduling facility, admin can schedule reports to send to individual or group every day to ensure information is received at right time with right data.


With a click of your mouse, your data can be quickly and easily exported to either a text file or a CSV file from multiple locations using TagMatiks AT.

TagMatiks AT supports exporting data in both JSON and XML formats, with many levels of security, including basic and token authentication to keep your data safe.

No matter what type of database you currently use, TagMatiks Core 4.0 can export your data into it. Currently supported databases include MySQLSQL ServerOracle, and Postgres, either through a stored procedure or directly inserted into a table.

Direct integration to various systems including SalesForce.


Why Use TagMatiks AT?

TagMatiks AT allows you to track your assets over multiple locations using a variety of AIDC technologies. In addition, you can use the transactions to capture the movement of your assets.

Hosting Options?

TagMatiks AT is available for hosting both as an instance on shared server or as a dedicated server.

System Requirements?

Operating System: Windows 8 and Above

.NET Framework 4.5

RAM (Random Access Memory): 4 GB

Ports: 5672 for AMQP Access

Supported RFID Readers?

Our out of the box solution provides support for the top tier of RFID reader manufacturers, including Zebra, Impinj, ThingMagic, Alien and AWID. TagMatiks Core 4.0 also supports any reader that supports LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol).

Supported Printers?

Currently, TagMatiks AT only supports Zebra Printers, but we will work with you to integrate printers from other manufacturers if necessary.

Do I need to use RFID?

TagMatiks AT can be used with just barcodes as well as a combination of RFID and barcode.