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Business Application Suite for Asset Management

The TagMatiks Business Application Suite for Asset Management is based on the TagMatiks Sensory Adaptive Network Software Platform for rapid RFID, NFC and Auto ID technology deployment, which is a cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready software platform that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions, for enterprise asset management, inventory control, warehouse management, access control, apparel tracking, work-in-process tracking, re-usable assets tracking, campus tracking, construction management, security, anti-counterfeiting and other applications.


TagMatiks delivers significant improvements in efficiency of business processes and develops new capabilities within industrial, healthcare, agriculture and social verticals that bring not only higher revenues, but also increased quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

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RFID and Sensors Middleware, which collects and provides RFID tag data to Enterprise Applications. TagMatiks Core is necessary if the system utilizes RFID readers and/or RFID printers. The remaining application modules may function as stand-alone (if only handheld readers are deployed) or in conjunction with Core (if fixed readers and printers are deployed).

TagMatiks AT is a secured cloud based Asset Tracking system for effective tracking of assets and inventory using RFID technology.

TagMatiks AT utilizes the TagMatiks Core for all the RFID-based operations. Users can easily configure the RFID devices (both RFID readers and printers) by following very few steps and start using them in TagMatiks AT. TagMatiks AT can also work as standalone (without Core) and utilize the TagMatiks Mobile.

TagMatiks AT is a SaaS (Software as a Service) model application which follows the Multi-Tenancy approach.

TagMatiks FI is used for field inventory and asset tracking, where the RFID tags are read by handheld readers and the data is transmitted either in real time through an internet connection to the cloud or archived and transmitted when such a connection is available.

TagMatiks FI is used for product and asset field audits, consignment, trunk, rental, expiry and waste management, warranty and maintenance, and many other applications.

Application for Uniform Tracking.

Application for manufacturing and Work in Process management.

TagMatiks CF has been developed to fight counterfeiting by providing product authentication. Additional benefits include product tracking and warranty management.

TagMatiks CF supports RFID as well as NFC and can be applied in manufacturing as well as end user applications.

TagMatiks CF can be used as a standalone module with mobile readers or together with TagMatiks Core if fixed readers are utilized in the system.

Business Applications specific to the Agriculture Industry.


  • Fully scalable, intelligent, enterprise-ready platform
  • Robust, flexible and fully customizable
  • Modular approach (TagMatiks Core, TagMatiks FI, TagMatiks AT, etc.)
  • Cloud based with an option for local deployment
  • Fast customization – customer branding, nomenclature, processes
  • Mobile device app (iOS, Android, Windows) in addition to Cloud-based browser interface
  • Easy addition of hardware and read zone configuration including multiple RFID provider support for readers
  • Multiple endpoints support (Database/REST API/Flat File)
  • LLRP (Low-Level Communication Protocol) support
  • Secured Restful API support and Advanced Message Queue Protocol
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Integration with existing systems – inventory and asset management systems, ERP, enterprise databases, etc.
  • Secure access, tiered user permissions
  • Over the cloud updates and maintenance that saves time and travel cost
  • Provides real-time visibility of the supply chain, equipment, and personnel, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency and safety in customer operations.

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Solutions using TAGMATIKS


Whether you are a healthcare provider or a pharmaceutical manufacturer you will receive many benefits from the TagMatiks Asset Management (AT) or Field Inventory (FI) that allow rapid development of systems for asset tracking, field inventory management, anti-counterfeiting, track and trace of prescription drugs, patient tracking, injection safety and infection control.

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With the TagMatiks Agriculture (AG) application you have all the information about your agricultural operations at your fingertips. Flexible and powerful, the TagMatiks AG enables product tracking from seeding to harvest, equipment tracking for asset utilization and repairs, transportation, inventory management and for field operations management and workforce management.

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The TagMatiks Work In Process (WIP) application enables a new way of manufacturing, the “Intelligent Manufacturing” by providing business intelligence in real time and at a granular level. Benefits are reduction of lead times and work in process (WIP) inventory, efficient Just in Time delivery (JIT), item level tracking, tracking defects and points of failure.

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What can TagMatiks do for you in Wearables production and post-production? TagMatiks WIP is a robust but flexible intelligent platform allows for quick deployment of systems to manage your manufacturing from start to end, as well as the inventory control, shipping and warehouse management. TagMatiks Counterfeiting (CF) will control your anti-counterfeiting, warranty tracking and repairs.

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Oil & Gas

The TagMatiks Field Inventory (FI) and Asset Management (AT) provides real-time, cloud-based visibility of your supply chain, equipment and personnel, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency and safety in your operations. You can use it for asset tracking and inventory of machinery, tools and materials; as well as monitoring safe practices, emergency response and mustering.

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Uniform Tracking

The TagMatiks Uniform Tracking (UT) provides real-time, cloud-based visibility of your entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, internally as well as externally of your organization. Using TagMatiks UT you can track wear and tear, a number of laundry cycles and repairs as well as the assignment to personnel.

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