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RFID Asset Tracking in the warehouse includes tracking tools, vehicles, and equipment.

The RFID Asset Tracking System provides cradle-to-grave asset tracking and management. From the time an asset is acquired until it is retired, its identification, assignment, location and movement are recorded. This provides a complete audit trail of all assets throughout their complete lifecycle.

Mr. Sanjiv Dua (CEO) RFID4U has been a great asset assisting our team with defining and the implementation of our Logistics database needs here at Northrop Grumman. The data management system that RFID4U provided us has been a great asset for our daily assigned tasks…RFID4U is very knowledgeable in all supply chain requirements for both commercial and military standards. RFID4U is capable of providing not only the software application, but also the hardware equipment to meet the application requirements.Pat Dillistin, Northrop Grumman Information Systems


What can be tracked with the Asset Management System?

  • Returnable assets such as crates, pallets, bins at manufacturers
  • IV Pumps, EKG machines or surgery toolkits in hospitals
  • Machinery and vehicles at manufacturing or construction sites
  • Parts, their utilization and certification at oil & gas companies
  • Uniforms and laundry
  • And many other assets in warehouses, offices, hospitals; indoors and out.
In the Oil and Gas Industry RFID asset tracking can also include valve certification.
RFID has many benefits. RFID Asset Tracking provides real-time visibility of assets.

BENEFITS of the RFID4U Asset Management System are:

  • Identifying objects faster, more accurately and at reduced overall cost at various points during the lifecycle of an asset
  • Significantly reducing human effort and corresponding errors
  • Scanning multiple asset tags concurrently and automatically
  • Providing timely and accurate information to support management decisions
  • Added security by recording asset movement and creation of alarms and notifications when the asset is moved from a controlled location.
Tagmatiks app allows RFID Asset Tracking on the go.


The heart of our solution is the TagMatiks AT Asset Tracking application based on our TagMatiks cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions using RFID, NFC and other AIDC and IoT technologies. 

TagMatiks AT utilizes the TagMatiks Core middleware for all the RFID-based operations. Users can easily configure the RFID devices (both RFID readers and printers) by following very few steps and start using them in TagMatiks AT. TagMatiks AT can also work as standalone (without Core) and utilize the TagMatiks Mobile.

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RFID4U TagMatiks AT application software manages all categories of assets utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID Tags, RFID Readers, Barcodes, Sensors, Smart Phones, Wi-Fi networks and the Internet. RFID tags or barcode labels are attached to assets, which are then registered by portal or mobile readers.

Smart labels are commonly used for RFID asset tracking.