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Simplify Connectivity with RFID

TagMatiks Wedge is a simple to use RFID software application for mobile devices. TagMatiks Wedge is designed to collect RFID data using an RFID handheld or sled and then feed that data directly to business systems and applications using a wide variety of formats and options. The solution supports both all in one RFID handhelds as well as iOS and Android devices in conjunction with an RFID sled.

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Features & Benefits


Simple Data Collection

Use the in-built Inventory function to quickly count RFID tags associated with your items. The workflow includes the ability to toggle the power on the RFID handheld to control the read range.

Integration and Connectivity

Export collected data using various options like APIs and File Generation (CSV and Text). Configure fields that get exported and customize header information.

Robust Device Support

TagMatiks Wedge includes out of the box support for a wide variety of RFID readers and handhelds. Please contact us for the latest list of supported devices.

Extremely Configurable

Choose which fields and memory banks of the RFID tag are collected and reported. Configure and name your inventories for referring later. Filter data so you get just what you want.

Low Cost

TagMatiks Wedge is available as a low cost, one time license per RFID handheld or sled.

Simple yet Powerful

Use features like Find Item to pinpoint assets and items using an RFID handheld or sled. Collect additional meta data like the GPS lat /long of a count.

Tag Validation

Ensure your RFID tags are encoded properly including GS1 standards as well as custom options

Reference File

Import in a reference file to see application specific information and make the view applicable to your use case.

TagMatiks Wedge Uses RFID Handhelds

Use RFID handhelds to quickly scan up to hundreds of tags per second and automate your business processes.

How TagMatiks Wedge Works in Three Easy Steps

STEP 1 :

Ensure your items have RFID labels/ tags attached to them.

STEP 2 :

Use TagMatiks Wedge & an RFID handheld to inventory items. Filter RFID labels that are relevant so you get just the right amount of data.

STEP 3 :

Use various export options to digest data right where you need it (ERP, WMS, POS or other enterprise systems)

Are you a Walmart Supplier and Adding RFID?

TagMatiks Wedge is Great for You

TagMatiks Wedge Is Used By

  • Suppliers to Walmart and Other Retailers
  • Retailers Looking to Cycle Count Inventory and Feed To Their ERP, WMS or POS
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Distributors & Logistics providers looking to scan RFID enabled products
  • Companies validating their RFID labels & tags

Applications with TagMatiks Wedge

Explore use cases where TagMatiks Wedge is being used to optimize business workflows and simplify RFID deployments.

Inventory & Material Management
App. Tagmatiks Wedge-01
Walmart & Retail RFID Mandates

What Customers say about TagMatiks Wedge

Starport was seeking a solution for GS1 SGTIN-96 encoding to be decoded into a quick user friendly UPC or human readable format. The TagMatiks Wedge, a low cost, user friendly solution that was implemented within 30 minutes of licensing, was exactly what we needed. Even though we have a long history with RFID4U, we are continuously impressed with their innovation, communication, and service. Starport Technologies highly recommends the team at RFID4U for top to bottom solutions.

- Sanders R, Starport Technologies

What readers are supported with TagMatiks Wedge?

Caen skID
Caen qID Mini
Caen qID mini
Caen Tile
Caen trID
Caen TrID
Chainway C72
Chainway C72
Chainway R6
Chainway R6-1-01
CSL CS108 RFID Handheld
Extronics iRFID500
Newland MT90
Newland MT90
TSL 1128
TSL 1153
TSL 1166
TSL 2128
TSL 2128
TSL 2128L
TSL 2128L
TSL 2128P
TSL 2128P
TSL 2166
TSL 2166
Zebra RFD8500
Zebra RFD40 Standard / Premium / Premium Plus
Zebra RFD9030 / RFD9090
Zebra RFD9030_small
Zebra MC3330xR
Zebra MC3330R
Zebra MC3390xR

Frequently Asked Questions

What data does TagMatiks Wedge collect?

TagMatiks Wedge collects RFID tag data (including the ability to read different memory banks), GPS data (if the devices supports) as well as meta data about the inventory

Is TagMatiks Wedge able to work offline?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge can be used offline for data collection.

Can I use TagMatiks Wedge with multiple RFID handhelds?

TagMatiks Wedge runs directly on a mobile device or supported RFID handheld so you would have one license per RFID device

What applications should I use TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge is designed for applications where you need to collect RFID data with an RFID handheld and feed it directly into an existing system.

What RFID readers are supported by TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge supports most industry leading RFID handhelds and sleds. New device continue to be added frequently. Please contact us for the list of the latest supported devices.