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Simplify the Management of your IT Assets with RFID

TagMatiks AT Lite provides the ability to automate the management and tracking of your IT Assets

Solution Overview

With the everlasting growth of information technology, tracking and management of IT Assets is a critical function for every business. RFID provides the ability to automate workflow, increase visibility and improve management of assets. TagMatiks Asset Tracking Lite provides the ability for businesses to start better managing their assets with RFID, mobility and the cloud. The solution is able to migrate with a single click to the Enterprise TagMatiks Asset Tracking module.

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How Does It Work?

Attach RFID Tags to Your IT Assets including laptops, peripherals, servers and desktops.

Pre-printed, pre-encoded RFID Tag

Commission Assets to associate the RFID tag to key fields including custom fields for your use case.

Take advantage of out of the box transactions like checkin, checkout and transfer to better manage the assets.

Conduct Cycle Counts (Inventory) to ensure that assets are where they're supposed to be.

Use the Asset Finder to pin point assets and improve operational visibility.

Deep dive into reports and dashboards to better understand key asset management and tracking data.

Key Benefits

Improved Visibility

Leverage the checkout/ checkin modules to control what assets go out and when they’re due back. Pull reports for overdue assets.

Understand Utilization

Gain insight on what assets are currently being used and how often. Leverage this data for better purchase planning.

Improve Accountability

Checkout assets to better understand what assets are currently under the procession of individuals.

Traceability of Movement

Use the transfer module to mark as assets are moved from one location to another .

Quick Inventory

Use the inventory module to quickly cycle count assets for any location to ensure that everything is up to the mark.

Reduce Operational Costs

Use the Asset Finder to pin point assets with an RFID handheld.