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There are many challenges when dealing with uniform and laundry items. For example, you need to issue items regularly, sometimes in large quantities, and sometimes to many different locations. You also need to be able to track the stages that your uniform items are going through including collection, cleaning, storage and reissuing. This process needs to be quick and efficient so that your items do not get lost, stolen, damaged or issued back to the wrong person!

The TagMatiks Uniform Tracking Solution does all of that, and more! When each individual item is tagged, it can be tracked independently, rather than as a class of items. You will also get complete inventory management, easy lot identification and control, and can easily locate a specific item, and so much more with TagMatiks UT.

Features & Benefits

Serialized Items

With each item having it’s own unique RFID tag, you can easily tell each specific item apart. No longer do you have to track items as a class, but you can actually track each individual item in that class of items. TagMatiks UT will track these items for you so that you can quickly tell where a specific item is and leverage metrics such as usage counts, replacement periods and view a full history of the item.

Easy Lot Identification & Control

Simply track what items are apart of which lot, which can make it very easy to see what is available and what is not. This makes it a  simple decision as to which lot should be used for issuing next, or even which lot needs to be sent to laundry. This gives you full control over all of your items.

Track the History of Each Item

TagMatiks UT will track how many times that every item is checked out and in again, so that you will know exactly how many cycles any particular item had already gone through. Using the asset trail, you can view every transaction for that specific item including capturing the GPS location of the transaction. 

Quick Issuing

With TagMatiks UT, it is a very simple process to check out uniform items to your employees. All you need to do is scan all the items that are being issued to a certain employee, select that employee in the application, then click issue! No longer will you have to deal with scanning each individual item, or writing down each item by hand! Simply scan once, and click, you’re done!

Automated Issue and Return

Using RFID technology along with the TagMatiks UT software, you can eliminate many labor-intensive manual tasks, such as separating and hand counting uniform items being sent to the laundry. Simply by adding all the items that need to be cleaned into baskets, and walking those baskets through an RFID portal on its way out, you will see all the items scanned into TagMatiks UT and associated with a time and date stamp, and the location of where it is going,  showing you exactly when all those items were sent out to laundry.

Validation and Reporting

With every item accounted for in TagMatiks UT, you can easily verify that all the items issued to an employee, or all the items that you sent to laundry, were all returned quickly and easily, simply by scanning the items. With the reports created by TagMatiks UT, it will show you all the items being returned, validated against all the expected items to be returned.

You can also see extensive reports based on all the uniform items that you have, all the items that are available for issue, and all the items that are currently issued. All the reports can easily exported through CSV file, or as a PDF.

Ultimate visibility

Not only can you see exactly where is item is at all times, but you will also be able to see exactly how long each item spends at any location. This gives you the ultimate visibility through TagMatiks UT!

Fast Inventory Counts

Another amazing feature of TagMatiks UT is the cycle counts. Using RFID technology, you can turn a long, error prone inventory process, with many employees spending hours hand counting items, into a quick and easy process that only takes a fraction of the time! One employee, will be able to conduct a complete cycle count that will create a report that shows all items that were scanned, along with any items that were missing, to give you complete visibility of your items at anytime.

Extensive Dashboard

TagMatiks UT captures important metrics and KPIs using various technologies and transactions. View that data and more using the TagMatiks Dashboard and make the appropriate business with concrete data.

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Verticals & Applications

Uniform Tracking & Management

Uniform management including the entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, requires a comprehensive system within the company. The interoperability of such system is especially important when the cleaning or laundering is being outsourced. The RFID4U’s TagMatiks UT system provides full inventory receiving, tagging, tracking, and issuing capabilities utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID, barcode, and NFC technology including Handheld and Fixed Readers, Sensors, Wi-Fi and local networks, and the Internet.


Tracking garments going out to laundry can be a tedious task. Sorting and counting on outbound and verifying on inbound is time consuming. TagMatiks UT automates these processes in addition to providing numerous benefits such as serializing items, monitoring stock levels and providing visibility to garments.

Linen Tracking

Track your sheets, towels, linens, uniforms and more using the TagMatiks UT. Track stock across various locations, usage counts, and view your inventory across sub-locations in your facilities. Quickly check in or out line using either fixed or mobile solutions. You’ll be able to quickly identify when to re-order linens and retire stock at the appropriate time.


TagMatiks UT has an extensive library of APIs that can be used to securely interact with the platform. In addition, data can be inserted and extracted from the system using a variety of flat files.

Upcoming Features

With at least one major release every year, you will always be up to date with the latest features and benefits that are continuously being built into TagMatiks. Below are some of the upcoming features that will be added to TagMatiks UT.


What are the supported readers?

Our out of the box solution provides support for the top tier of RFID reader manufacturers, including Zebra, Impinj, ThingMagic and Alien. TagMatiks UT also supports any reader that supports LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol).

On the mobile front, the solution supports hardware from Zebra, TSL, Honeywell and ASReader.

What transactions are supported?

The solutions supports multiple business processes including checkin, checkout, assign, cycle counting, reconciliation, auditing and commissioning.

Hosting Options?

TagMatiks UT is available for hosting both as an instance on shared server or as a dedicated server.