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Classroom (Hands-on labs)

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2 Days

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Public & On Site

This advanced, two-day workshop is designed for customers and users of RFID4U’s TagMatiks platform. The workshop begins with an introduction to RFID section where attendees will understand the fundamentals of RFID technology. The workshop contains hand exercises to bolster these concepts. After covering the essentials, the agenda pivots to cover the TagMatiks platform including an holistic overview, an introduction to the respective TagMatiks business application as well as deep dives into various features.


  • Extensive hands-on training
  • Interactive Labs
  • Demonstrations
  • Training Manuals
  • Sample RFID Tags / Labels
  • Interactive Presentations
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Day 1: Business/ Executive Day

  • Introduction, Project Background, Business Case Review.
  • RFID Basics Part I: RFID Technology Overview – System Components, Frequencies, Tags.
  • RFID Basics Part II: RFID Technology Overview –Barcode vs RFID, Readers & Antennas
  • Physical Tag Read Characteristics – Understanding the Physics behind RFID.
  • Cycle Counting – Handheld scanners & Time Saving Benefits.
  • TagMatiks Application Breakout Session (Asset Tracking, Field Inventory, Uniform Tracking, Work In Progress)
  • RFID Applications: Low Hanging Fruits & Application Selection
  • TagMatiks Platform Overview

Day 2: Technical Day

  • Design, Evaluate, Select RFID Systems
  • TagMatiks Core Overview
  • TagMatiks Application Deep Dive & Workflow Review
  • Read Zone definitions –Better Your System Design
  • Setup and Configuration of an RFID reader + Installation considerations.
  • TagMatiks Core Installation Crash Course
  • Reader Optimizations: Increase Your Performance.
  • Round Table: TagMatiks Integration Options and Data Mapping