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RFID Uniform Management allows for inventory tracking, automatic issuing and receiving as well as order processing.

Uniform management including the entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, requires a comprehensive system within the company. The interoperability of such system is especially important when the cleaning or laundering is being outsourced. The RFID4U Uniform Management System provides full inventory receiving, tagging, tracking, and issuing capabilities utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID, barcode, and NFC technology including Handheld and Fixed Readers, Sensors, Wi-Fi and local networks, and the Internet.

RFID4U developed a smart inventory solution to help facilitate real time inventory acceptance, throughput, and accountability. The team developed intuitive user interfaces, high level manager reports, business protocols & processes, all necessary software and hardware needed to commence RFID inventory tracking…Mr. Dua is a dedicated and professional businessman and his team exudes the highest level of technical capabilities. I have no doubt you would be pleased with the services they can provide.LCDR Hayes Davis, U.S. Coast Guard


  • Each individual item (shirt, jacket, boots, etc.) if tagged with an RFID or NFC tag can be tracked separately, rather than as a class of items.
  • Complete inventory management.
  • Easy lot identification and control.
  • Locating a specific item.
  • First-In-First-Out processing.
  • Issue and track uniform items based upon a pre-determined item issue list, validation against the list.
  • Track wear and tear, number of laundry cycles and repairs.
  • Physical Inventory
  • Assignment to personnel, prevent and track loss and damage, automatic return
Benefits of RFID Uniform Tracking include automatic inventory tracking, issuance, receiving, ordering and real time visibility.


  • Eliminates many labor-intensive manual tasks, such as separating and hand-counting uniforms being sent to the laundry.
  • Automatically processes laundry in batches, carts and racks for automated shipping and receiving.
  • Fast on the spot inventory count using a handheld or mounted readers.
  • Ultimate visibility of uniform location and status, length of time at each location (especially in the laundry facility or cleaners).
  • Allows for FIFO processing (to ensure equal wear and laundry).
  • Automated issue and tracking uniform items based upon a pre-determined Item Issue List including validation and reporting.
  • Automated dispensing cabinets where employees can collect their uniform. After the employees scan their ID badge, the cabinet door unlocks and they are presented with their assigned uniform. Garments are returned for cleaning by throwing them into an assigned cart or sending them down a chute where a reader will register their return
RFID Uniform Management utilizes Tagmatiks RFID App.


Our Uniform Tracking Solution is based on our cutting edge TAGMATIKS, our cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions, for enterprise asset management, inventory control, warehouse management, access control, apparel tracking, work-in-process tracking, re-usable assets tracking, campus tracking, construction management, security, anti-counterfeiting and other applications. The system provides real time visibility tools, analytics and dashboards, that are available for smartphones and tablets for making time-critical decisions on the road. We support all Android, iOS and WM mobile devices.

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What used to be a domain of low or high frequency in laundry tags is increasingly being supplemented by UHF, which allows for longer read ranges, reading more tags at the same time and expanded user memory. Laundry tags have to survive high temperatures, various chemicals and harsh environments in tunnel washers, water extractors and tumblers and most are encapsulated into various plastics and are in form of a small disc or button, which are to be sewn in. There are also tags that are soft and flexible and have thermosetting adhesive for direct fixation on the garment using thermo patching process.

There are several options for readers:

  • Handheld readers for manual scanning
  • Table embedded readers (articles are stacked or moved across)
  • Attached to laundry chutes
  • Placed outside lockers
  • On or near bins, crates and collection baskets
Insert, sew in or iron on UHF tag for RFID Uniform Management.