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RFID in Manufacturing allows for automation, JIT delivery and WIP tracking.

RFID4U has developed various solutions that have been deployed in the manufacturing environment. And as no customer is the same, each solution was unique and solved different challenges. There are several areas in manufacturing that can benefit from deployment of an automatic identification technology.


  • Access control
  • Employee safety and mustering
  • Work in progress
  • Inventory control for parts, materials and final product
  • Just in time delivery
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Warehousing
  • Tracking defects and points of failure
  • Tracking employee hours
  • Tracking time spent on a product (productivity)
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Automated triggers for machinery
  • Quality tracking
  • And many more.
RFID in manufacturing of cars.
Benefits of RFID in manufacturing include line automation, JIT delivery and WIP tracking.

BENEFITS of the RFID4U solutions for Manufacturing are:

  • Reduction of lead times and work in process (WIP) inventory and increase in efficiency of Just in Time delivery (JIT).
  • More efficient and paperless processes with automatic tracking.
  • Automatic machine and process triggering based on item information from the RFID tag.
  • Item level tracking with RFID allows for product pedigree, work in progress status, inventory, rework, time spent, defects and failures tracking.
Tagmatiks app helps deploy RFID in Manufacturing and allows on the go decision making.


Our Manufacturing solution is based on TAGMATIKS, our cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions. The system provides real-time visibility tools, analytics and dashboards, that are available for smartphones and tablets for making time-critical decisions on the spot. We support all Android, iOS and WM and CE mobile devices.

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RFID tags are attached to individual items, crates, boxes, trays and other handling units that are tracked throughout the system. For shipping purposes, the tags are attached to boxes, cases and pallets. Tags can be embedded in product, or in form of a paper or plastic label or hang tag, or as a rugged encapsulated tag attached with screws or rivets to the handling container.

RFID fixed reader portals are placed at dock doors, entrances and exits of various areas, conveyor belts, manufacturing stations, picking and shipping areas and supplemented by RFID handheld scanners.

RFID tags used in manufacturing are often ruggedized and encapsulated.

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