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RFID4U has a suite of solutions geared towards healthcare to automate traditionally manual processes. With use cases such as tracking loaner medical sets with surgical equipment or tracking field inventory sitting on hospital shelves, it’s important that medical professionals spend less time worrying about inventory and more time with patients. Explore further to learn more about RFID4U’s offering in this space.

Medical Surgical Set Tracking using RFID

Surgical Set Tracking

Automate your tracking processes for your surgical sets.

Automate processes like receiving, auditing, replenishment and shipping for your loaner and consignment medical kits by leveraging RFID4U’s medical set tracking solution. The solution supports special RFID tags that can withstand autoclaves and sterilization cycles and simplify attach directly to your sets.

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Field & Consignment Inventory

Create visibility to your field inventory

Managing field and consignment is traditionally a difficult task. Improve accuracy of inventory counts by leveraging TagMatiks Field Inventory. The solution support quick and easy cycle counting of inventory and provides support for reconciliation and reporting for advanced data analytics.

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Tracking Field Consignment using RFID and Barcode
Healthcare Asse Tracking with RFID and Barcode

Asset Tracking

Track your Assets With Ease

Experience cradle-to-grave asset tracking and management. From the time an asset is acquired until it is retired, its identification, assignment, location and movement are recorded. This provides a complete audit trail of all assets throughout their complete lifecycle.

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Uniform and Garment Management

full lifecycle management of uniforms & Garments

Uniform management including the entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, requires a comprehensive system within the company.

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RFID Uniform Mangement

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tracking field and consignment inventory with rfid and barcode

Simplify Field & Consignment Inventory Management

Explore the TagMatiks Field Inventory Solution to manage your field and consignment inventory with RFID, mobility and the cloud.

Track Surgical Sets with RFID to automate workflows.

Benefit from automated surgical set tracking

Attaching an RFID tag to surgical sets simplifies processes both in the field and in warehouses, distribution centers and cleaning/ sterilization facilities.

Tracking uniforms and garments using rfid and barcodes

Automate transactions and workflows

Transform your operations by automating workflows starting from purchasing, to checkouts to finally writing off the item.

Ready to simplify your healthcare workflows with rfid?