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Event management solutions utilize RFID technology for tracking visitors, gathering data and access control.

Sports, entertainment and event planning companies invest great efforts and large amounts of money into organizing events that are aimed to bring awareness, sell products, educate the audience or just entertain the crowd. However, using current methods such as scanning a barcode on a wristband, or a ticket at the door, leaves a huge opportunity untapped.

Once the attendee, visitor, or fan leaves the door and is accounted for, he (or she) is “lost” to the organizer. There is no way to find out where this visitor went, what he did, what he was interested in, what he purchased and no option to view, summarize and act on this data. This is where RFID4U’s Event Management System comes in.


What are the applications of the Event Management System?

Access control
  • Scans in and out
  • Reads hundreds of RFID wristbands, tickets and badges simultaneously
  • Layered access for Patron Gates, Media Center, Club-level Seating, Employees-Only areas, General Parking, VIP Parking, etc.
  • Advanced registration
  • Email and mobile number capture
  • Populate social media (Arrival information and updates on less congested routes, etc.)
  • Database development
Business intelligence/visitor analytics
  • Length of stay, peak time, traffic flow, capacity, population segmentation, real-time counts, hotspots, etc.
Benefits of RFID for event management solutions include access control, targeted marketing, automatic tracking and location within the event.


  • With no line-of-sight restrictions or manual data entry requirements, RFID4U’s Event Management system using RFID-enabled wristbands, tickets and credentials automate your data tracking and eliminate user error. This frees your event personnel to offer a higher level of individual attention for better customer service, both at the VIP and patron levels.

  • RFID enabled tags and tickets help to automate the registrations and check-in process, which makes the check-in process much faster and more convenient for the customers.

  • Using RFID technology for Event Management supports direct marketing activities, lead generation and product sales.

  • RFID enabled tickets reduce counterfeit tickets, while providing time and cost savings through improved efficiency.

Dashboard of RFID4U's Event Management Solution


The base of our solution is the TAGMATIKS cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions, for enterprise asset management, inventory control, warehouse management, access control, apparel tracking, work-in-process tracking, re-usable assets tracking, campus tracking, construction management, security, anti-counterfeiting and other applications.

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RFID Wristbands are a popular choice for Event Management Solutions.


Tickets, cards and bracelets have embedded UHF RFID inlays with unique ID’s, which are then automatically registered as they pass through the RFID read zone or can be read manually by RFID handheld scanners.