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We provide solutions for anti-counterfeiting of valuable items including wearables and consumer electronics using RFID technology.

In many industries product tracking reaches beyond “in” or “out”. It is important to know the pedigree of the product, the life it had before it reached the shelf or consumer’s hands. Counterfeited products can have destructive effects not only on customer satisfaction but sometimes even consumer health or life and all this is reflected in loss of good business image and of course the revenues.

RFID technology has been used to authenticate products such as pharmaceuticals for a while and with the invention of smaller and smaller tags, RFID has penetrated also the electronics manufacturing.

RFID4U Authentication System provides full product pedigree information and inventory tracking.


  • Unique identification of product for authentication
  • Information about product (expiration date, manufacturing date, etc.)
  • Supply chain information from manufacturing to store
  • Lot recalls
  • Warranty tracking and service
  • Inventory management
Using RFID for anti-counterfeiting has many benefits, including easier authentication, warranty service and inventory control.


  • Unique identification of product for authentication ensures that the product has been manufactured by the brand manufacturer and therefore the recipe or technology is safe, sound and guaranteed. This prevents customer dissatisfaction and increases safety
  • Information about product, such as expiration date, manufacturing date, lot number and other data, helps to sort product for inventory management (FIFO), recalls, picking, etc.
  • Supply chain information from manufacturing to store to ensure that product is authentic and has not been tampered with throughout the supply chain.
  • Enabled lot identification creates recalls that save cost as only selected products or lots are recalled.
  • Warranty tracking and service enable servicing only authentic products that are in warranty, which saves time and cost (counterfeited products break more often and products out of warranty are usually not eligible for free service or exchange).
  • More efficient inventory management based on automated receiving, sorting, picking and shipping.
Our Tagmatiks app can make your anti-counterfeiting effort much easier!


Our Authentication Solution is based on TAGMATIKS, our cutting-edge enterprise, cloud-ready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment and integration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions.

The system provides provides unique ID generation and writing tools including encryption, as well as tracking and authentication tools, that are available for smartphones and tablets for making time-critical decisions on the spot. We support all Android, iOS and WM mobile devices.

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RFID tags (NFC and UHF RFID) in small sizes are embedded in labels, or caps for pharma applications or in the product itself (wearables and other electronics application). RFID tags are encoded with a unique ID based on the manufacturer’s requirements, which is encrypted and cannot be rewritten. This ID is then matched with a product database, where variations or duplicates would trigger an alarm. Other information can be written to the tag, such as lot number, expiry date, etc. that provides data for safety purposes and recalls.

Miniature RFID tags are suitable for anti-counterfeiting as they can be embedded into a product.
RFID can be used for anti-counterfeiting pharmaceuticals.