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Solutions we developed for our customers

RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking include tracking in hospitals, warehouses, offices and many other places.

Asset Tracking

The RFID4U Asset Management System provides a complete asset lifecycle tracking and management. ROI is created by increased efficiency of asset usage, including its location, allocation and return.

One of our RFID Solutions is Event Management including Event Access Control and Attendee Data Gathering.

Event Management

Automatic check-in, access control, cashless payment, targeted advertising, event analysis, those are just a few out of many possibilities when using RFID4U’s system for event management.

Inventory Tracking is one of the most sought after RFID Solutions.

Inventory Tracking

RFID4U Warehouse Management & Inventory Control System performs full inventory management utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID, barcodes, sensors, Wi-Fi networks and the Internet.

RFID Solutions that we offer include RFID systems in manufacturing.


Reduction of lead times and work in process (WIP) inventory, efficient Just in Time delivery (JIT), item level tracking, tracking defects and points of failure are examples of RFID4u solution benefits.

RFID Solutions include use RFID in anti-counterfeiting of high value consumer products such as fitness trackers.


Take advantage of unique ID and memory on RFID tags for product manufacturing, authentication, lifecycle tracking and warranty management. Our system helps you do all that and more.

RFID Solutions for Uniform Tracking include automated inventory management, laundry management, issuing and order processing.

Uniform Tracking

The RFID4U Uniform Tracking system provides extensive capabilities for uniform inventory, receiving, tagging, tracking, issuing and assignment using RFID, barcode, and NFC technology.

RFID Solutions for Emergency Management include access control, mustering, asset and personnel management.

Emergency Management

Check in, check out, access control, personnel location, counting, alerts and notifications, the RFID4U solution provides full range of information for management and emergency responders.

RFID Solutions include RFID Training that helps users to learn how to use and optimize a system.


RFID4U provides a whole suite of trainings for RFID (including courses for the new RFID Professional Institute Certification), NFC and barcode technology, as well as software development.

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